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AMR Naval Directory 2011

Posted on 01 October 2012


Naval power has become an indispensable component in the modernisation plans of militaries across the Asia Pacific Region both in ensuring the integrity of their littoral area, protecting key Exclusive Economic Zones and in many cases projecting power independently at great distances from home. As with all AMR Directories, this one
has also been compiled from a range of open sources from around the world, AMR’s correspondents and discussions with industry and military personnel throughout the year. AMR would like to thank those who have scratched their heads and provided answers to our questions. We would therefore like to encourage readers over the next twelve months who can add information to either contact us in person at the year’s shows and exhibitions or by e-mail.

Royal Australian Navy
_ Destroyers
3 Ordered Hobart Air Warfare Destroyers; est. cost $8bil and due to enter service 2014-17, problems with hull block reported
_ Frigates
8 ANZAC class (Meko); Project Sea 1442 Phase 4 will upgrade comms 4 Adelaide (FFG-7)
_ Submarines
6 Collins class; 3 operational
_ Minewarfare
6 Huon class (Gaeta)
_ Replenishment and Support
1 Success AOR
(Durance class)
1 Sirius tanker
_ Amphibious
2 Kanimbla class (Newport); Training and helicopter support,Manoora decommissions in February
6 Balikpapan LCH
1 Tobruk LSH
2 Ordered Canberra class; first hull launched February 18th 2011, 27,800 tonne ships enter service 2014-16
1 ‘HMS Largs Bay’; arrives in late 2011 ready for operation in 2012 andallows early retirement of HMAS Tobruk and Kanimbla

_ Light Forces
14 Armidale PB
NOTES: Under the 2009 Defence White Paper, Australia will replace all patrol boats, minehunters and hydrographic vessels with 20 multi-role vessels (MRVs) with the first scheduled to enter service around 2019. with an est cost of $1.5bil under Project Sea 1180. Project Sea 1000 programme for 12 new Future Submarines / Evolved Collins subs under the 2009 White paper and due to enter service from 2025 under threat. Off the shelf buys ruled out earlier this year.
HMS Largs Bay bought from RN earlier this year for $105m, ready for operations in 2012. Interest in partnering on RN Type 26/Global Combat Ship due for 2024-2030 to replace ANZAC frigates and est. cost of $10bil. The $1.5bil Project Air 9000 Phase 8 competition for 24 naval helo decision expected soon on replacing 16 ageing S-70B- 2 Seahawks by 2018.

Bangladesh Navy
_ Frigates
1 BNS Bangabandhu; two AW109 helicopter being purchased, negotiations for three more freigates underway
1 Khalid Bin Walid (ROK DW2000H design)
2 Osman (PRC Jianghu class)
1 Umar Farooq (UK Salisbury class) replaced by Castle class OPVs
2 Abu Bakr class (UK Leopard Class) replaced by Castle class OPVs

_ Light Forces
2 ex RN Castle class OPVs sold 2010 commissioned in April 2011
5 Kapatakhaya OPV (UK Island class)
1 Mahumnati PB (ROK Sea Dragon class)
1 Nirbhoy PB (PRC Hainan class)
2 Salam/Barkat (PRC Haizhui class)
2 Karnaphuli PB (Yugo. Krajievika class)
3 Durdharsha FAC (PRC Huangfen class)
5 Durbar Missile FAC (PRC Hegu class)
4 BN vessels (PRC Huchuan class)
4 Shaheed Daulat FAC (PRC Shanghai II class)
4 Titas FAC (ROK Sea Dolphin class)
4 Shapla Class (UK River class)
1 Sagar (PRC T43 class)

_ Amphibious Warfare
2 Shah Poran LCU
3 LCT (PRC Yuchin class)
1 ex-RN survey ship HMS Roebuck

NOTES: Dhaka aims to have a submarine with fully equipped base by 2019/2020. Reported to be interested in three Po Hang Frigates from South Korea and two F-22P frigates from China. Recent complaints against Myanmar vessels entering Bangladesh’s EEZ.

Royal Brunei Navy
_ Light Forces
3 Darussalam OPV built at Lürssen, first two ships due to arrive in Brunei in May, third in August
3 Waspada Missile FAC, to be replaced by Darussalams, with two transferred to Indonesia
3 Perwira PB
4 Ijhtihad PBs commissioned in March and August 2010

NOTES: The three BAE Systems built Nakhoda Ragam corvettes remain for sale

Royal Cambodian Navy
_ Light Forces
4 Stenka class, Soviet era acquisition
5 Schmel class

Notes: Extremely modest forces supplemented by a mixture of Soviet and Chinese sourced patrol boats and amphibious forces.

People’s Liberation Army Navy
_ Aircraft Carriers
1 Shi Lang; former RFS Varyag being refurbished at Dalian, operational for training in 2011-2012
2 ‘Indigenous Carriers’; reports of both being built at Changxingdao yard in Shanghai

_ Destroyers
4 Taizhou/Hangzhou class (Ru. Sovremenny class)
2 Shenyak/Type 051C class
2 Langzhou/052C class
2 Guangzhou/Type052B
1 Shenzen/Type 051B, better known as Luhai
2 Harbin, better known as Luhu class
13 Zuhai, better known as Luda, class

_ Frigates
8+4 Ordered Jiangkai II/Type 054A class, up to 26 required
2 Jiangkai I/Type 054
14 Jiangwei I/Jiangwei II
23 Jianghu I/II/III

_ Submarines
2+2 Ordered Type 094 Jin class SSBN
1 Type 092 Xia class SSBN
2+2 Ordered Shang/Type 093-class SSN

5 Ordered Han/Type 091-class SSN, troubled design being replaced by Shang
8+2 Ordered Song Type 039A, completion of deliveries expected by end 2010
5 Song-class
5+5 Yuan Type 41
10 Kilo Project 636
2 Kilo Project 877EKM
14 Ming-class
8 Romeo-class, training and reserve only

_ Light Forces
18 Houxin class missile FAC, production ongoing
5 Huijan class missile FAC, production ongoing
50 Houbei class missile FAC, production ongoing
95 Hainan PB
90 Huchuan Hydrofoli FAC

_ Minewarfare
23 T43 mineweepers
_ Amphibious forces
2 Kunlunshan(Yzhao/Type 071-class LPD, second vessels launched Nov 2010
6 Planned Type 081 Helipcopter carriers built at Dalian and Wuchang yards
20 Yuting class LST, construction contnuing
28 Yudao/Yulin LSMs
_ Replenishment vessels
1 Nanyun clas AOR
2 Dayun-class


Indian Navy
_ Aircraft Carriers
1 INS Viraart (UK Hermes) due to leave service in 2018
1 Ordered INS Vikramaditya (Ru Admrial Gorshkov) delivery expected in early 2013
1 Ordered Indigenous Aircraft Carrier, completion in 2015, two more planned
_ Destroyers
3 Delhi-class
3 Ordered Im. Delhi/Project 15A
5 Rajput-class (Ru Kashin/Kashin II)
4 Ordered Imp. Kolkata/Project 15B-class
_ Frigates
3+3 Ordered Talwar class; deliveries to begin in 2011, 3 new Imp. Talwar have been ordered
with increased costs from $1.2bil to 1.5bil. INS Tarkash expected to be in service later this year
3 Brahmaputra class/ Project 16A
4 Godvari/Project 16 (UK Leander)
4 Nilgiri (UK Leander) INS Vindhyagiri damaged in collision with MV Nordlake in January
1+2 Ordered Shivalik/Project 17A
_ Corvettes
6 Suyanka; Dhanush short-range ballistic missile fired from the INS Suvarna in March
4 Khukri/Type 25
4 Kora/Type 25A
2 Durg/Nanuchka class
12 Veer/Tarantul I class
2 Prabal/Tarantul IV class
4 Abhay/Pauk II class
4 Ordered Kamorta/Project 28 stealth ASW frigates, Kockums building two superstructures, four further ships planned
_ Submarines
10 Sindhughosh/Kilo
6 Ordered Scorpene, 1st due to enter service in 2015 requirement for a further 12 SSK’s under in two further phases under Project 75 I, first phase valued at $11billion
4 Shishumar/Type 209/1500
1+5 Ordered Arihant SSBN, due to enter service in 2015
1 INS Chakra/Project 971 Akula II, leased from Ru. in 2009 delivery delayed until 2011
2 DSRV; RFI issued early 2011
_ Light Forces
5+10 Ordered T-80/Super Dvora II-class
4 Trinkat/SDB Mk5 pb
4 SDB Mk2/3M PB
4 Sankalp NOPV, last vessel completed in December
12 Pondichery/Ru. Natya/Project 266M class upgrading with Thales equipment
6 Mahe-class (Yevgenya)
2 Ordered Osprey class, ex-USN vessels
8 Planned Minesweepers in a $1.4bil programmer launched in late 2010
_ Amphibious Warfare
1 Jalashwa/US Trenton LPD
5 Polnocny
3 Shardul LST
2 Magar-class LST
_ Replenishment and Support
2 Fleet carriers Jyoti and Aditya
2 Ordered Deepak class Fleet Tankers; $210m order, 1st vessel INS Deepak commissioned Jan. 2011

NOTES: Project 17B Frigates being planned, last Foxtrot sub, INS Vagli decommissioned in December. Plans for second floating dock in Andamans RFI for $200m LPD issued in February, deadline for proposal in March.

Indonesian Navy
_ Frigates
5 Ahmad Yani (Ne. Van Speijk)
4 Fatahillah
1 Ki Hajar Dewantara; training duties only
_ Corvettes
4 Diponegoro/Sigma class
16 Pattimura/Parchim class
_ Submarines
2 Cakra/Type 209/1300; Daewoo refurbishment in ROK underway
_ Light Forces
4 Mandau-class Missile FAC (PSMM Mk.5)
4 Kakap clas PB (PB57)
4 Singa FAC (FPB57)
4 Todak class FPB57; being coverted to carry C802 ASMs
8 Siada class (Aus. Attack class)
7 Type 35/36 Class
2 Pulau Rengat (Tripartite)
2 T43
9 Pulau Rote (GDR Kondor class)
_ Amphibious
1 Tanjung Dalpele LSD
3+1 Ordered Makassar LPD; third and the first locally built vessel commissioned Nov 2009, the last Banda Aceh handed over in March 2011
6 Teluk Gelimanuk LST (GDR Frosch I class)
2 Teluk Sirebong (GDR Frosch II)
_ Replenishment and Support
1 Arun oiler (UK Green Rover)
1 Tanjung Dalpele; transport hospital ship

NOTES: Cancellation of order for two Amur 950 and Kilo submarines but Navy have said they have a need for 39 submarines. Indonesia has a requirement for around 20 frigates largely based on Damen’s SIGMA 10514 design and built by PT Pal.

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force
_ Helicopter Carrier
2 Hyuga class ‘DDH’, 2nd vessel fitting out in 2011
_ Destroyer
2 Atago
4 Kongo class; to receive SM-3 for BMD
2 Hatakaze class
1 Tachikaze class
2 Shirane, to be replaced by ‘22DDH’
2 Haruna class; being withdrawn to be replaced by Hyuga class
5 Takanami class
6 Murasame class
7 Asagiri class
9 Hatsuyuki class
2 Ordered ‘19DD’; to replace Hatsuyuki
3 Ordered ‘22DDH’; 1st vessel laid down in 2010
_ Frigates
2 Yubari
6 Abukuma
_ Submarines
3+4 Ordered Soryu class; next three vessels scheduled from 2011-13
11 Oyashio class; life to be extended by five years to boost sub numbers
2 Harushio class; training only
2 Uraga, MCMC support ships
3 Yaeyama class minesweepers
7 Uwajima minsweepers
3 Hirashima costal minesweepers
12 Sugashima coastal minesweepers
_ Light Forces
6 Hayabusa PB
_ Amphibious and support
3 Osumi class LST
2 I-Go
2 Yura class
2 Mashu class AOE
3 Towada class AOE

NOTES: Tokyo plans to expand its submarine fleet from 16 to 20-22 boats and the number of destroyers from 47 to 48. The two Atago and four Kongo class ships will receive the Standard Missile-3 interceptor.

Korean Peoples Navy
_ Frigates
2 Najin class
1 Soho
_ Submarines
25 Romeo class
4 Whiskey class
20-25 Sang-O class costal subs
4-8 Sang-O II coastal subs
40-50 Yugo, midget subs
_ Light Forces
18 Soju Missile FAC (Ru. I-Osa class)
12 Osa class Misile FAC
10 Komar class Missile FA
9 Sohung class 24 P6
6 Hainan class
18 An Ju class torpedo boat
62 Chaho class
52 Chong Jin class
13 Shanghai II class
18 Sinpo/Sinnam class
12 Tae Chong class
12 Iwon class
37 Sin-Hung class
88 Ku Song
4 Sariwan class
15 SO1 ex-Soviet
_ Amphibious Forces
8 Hantae class LSMs
16 Hungnam class LSMs
100 Nampo class LCPs
7 Hanchon class LCMs
70 Songjong class hovercraft

NOTES: Declining serviceability across the board.

Republic of Korea Navy
_ Destroyers
2+1 Ordered Sejong Daewang (KDX-3); 3rd KDX-3 to be commissioned in 2012 after being launched in March, plans for three more ships postponed
6 Chungmugong Yi Sun Shin (KDX-2); 6 more Aegis equipped KDX-2A vessels planned for 2019-26
3 King Kwanggaeto (KDX-1)
_ Frigates
8 Ulsan class; to be replaced by FFX programme
3 + 3 Ordered Ulsan-I FFX 3; being produced by Hyundai Heavy Industries, 13 further frigates in two batches planned
_ Corvettes
22 Po Hang; Cho-An lost in 2010, to be replaced by later Ulsan–Is FFX
_ Light Forces
2+12/16 Ordered Yoon Young Ha-Ham missile FAC
80 Chamsuri/’Sea Dolphin’ PB; to be replaced by Yoon Young Ha-Ham
_ Submarines
3+6 Ordered Son Won Il KSS-2 (Type 214); Batch 1 production by HHI complete, two of six in next batch being built by Daewoo
6 Chang Bogo Type 209; 3 vessels withdrawn, remaining vessels to be replaced
3 Tolograe midget subs
7 Cosmos midget subs
3+4 Ordered Yangyang-AM (I-Kang Keong) MCMV
6 Ganggyeong MCMV
8 MSC being withdrawn
_ Amphibious
1+1 Ordered Dokdo LHD; third vessel planned
4 Alligator
4 Go Jun Bong LST
_ Replenishment and Support
1 Chung Jess
1 Submarine support vessel
2 T-AGOR ships

Royal Malaysian Navy
_ Frigates
2 Lekiu class
2 Kasturi class (FS1500)
1 Hang Tuah (Uk Type 41); training only
_ Corvettes
4 Laksamana class
_ Light Forces
6 Kedah class (Meko A100M); last Kedah commissioned on Nov 28th
6 SGPV, 99m long 2200 tonnes more heavily armed than Kedahs
4 Handalan Missile FAC
4 Perdana Missile FAC
6 Jerong Gun FAC
2 Sri Tiga FAC
15 Kris class PB
12 CB90
_ Submarines
2 Perdanan Menteri Class (Scorpene)
4 Mahamiru (Lerici) Minehunters
_ Amphibious and Support
1 TLDM Bunga Mas Lima Auxiliary
1 Gunga Mas Lima; helicopter capable support ship
2 Sri Indera Sakti Class; Combat Support Ship

NOTES: Plans for Multi-Role Support Ship (MRSS) postponed in December in favour of securing six 99-metre-long Second Generation Patrol Vessels

Myanmar Navy
_ Corvettes
8 Anawratha class
8 Aung Zeya
_ Light Vessels
6 Houxin Missile FAC
14 ‘5 Series’ Local Gun/Missile FAC
1 Indaw class
10 Hainan class
3 PB90

Royal New Zealand Navy
_ Frigates
2 ANZAC class; Platform Systems Upgrade on HMNZS Te Mana completed in late 2010
_ Light Vessels
2 Protector OPV; HMNZS Otago suffered engine failure in Antarctic visit in December
4 Inshore Patrol Vessels
2 Rotoiti PB
_ Replenishment and Support
1 Canterbury; part of Project Protector
1 Endeavour Fleet Tanker; due to be replaced by 2016 confirmed in November White Paper
1 Manawanui Dive Support Vessel

Pakistan Navy
_ Frigates
3+1 Ordered Zulfiquar (F-22P); third vessel PNS Saif entered service in November, last vessel due to be handed over in June
6 Tariq (UK Type 21)
1 Almgir (FFG-7); transferred to Pakistan
_ Submarines
3 Khalid (Agosta 90B); all vessels to receive MESMA AIP
2 Hashmat (Agosta 70)
3 SX 404 Midget-sub
_ Light Forces
1 Larkana class
2 Quwwat class
2 Jalalat II class
3 Mujahid (Tripartite)
_ Replenishment and Support
1 Moawin (Ne. Poolster)
1 Nasr (PRC Fuqing)

NOTES: In Feb 2011 PNS Alamgir was damaged after ramming pier. Plans to acquire four Jiangkai I (Type 054) ASW frigates and six Chinese Type 041/Yuan class submarines.

Philippines Navy
_ Frigates
1 BRP Rajah Humabon (US Cannon); to be replaced by USCG Hamilton
_ Corvettes
2 Rizal (US Auk)
6 Miguel Malvar (US PCE)
_ Light Vessels
1 Mariano Alvarez (US Cyclone)
3 Emilio Jacinto (UK Peacock)
2 Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo Class
22 Jose Andrada Class
2 PC 394 (USCG Cutter)
3 Conrado Yap Class
8 Tomas Batillo Class (ROKN Chamsuri PKM Class)
2 Kagitingan Class

NOTES: The Philippine Navy is acquiring acquire a Hamilton class US Coastguard cutter. New patrol vessels and other naval equipment needed for Spratlys with $180m allocated in next five years.

Republic of Singapore Navy
_ Frigates
6 Formidable class (Fr. mod. La Fayette)
_ Submarines
4 Conqueror (Ne. Sjoor-men class)
2 Archer (Swe. Vastergotland class)
_ Light Forces
6 Victory class
11 Fearless class
4 Bedok (Landsort)
12 FB31-42 PB
_ Amphibious
4 Endurance LPDs
1 Perseverance LSL

NOTES: Work on replacement design for Fearless class patrol Vessels underway.

Sri Lankan Navy
_ Light Vessels
1 P621 (USCG PB)
4 OPV various sources
2 Nandimithra Class (Saar 4)
3 Rana PB
2 Prathapa (PRC Lushun Class)
3 Weeraya (Shanghai II)FAC
7 Ranasir (Haizhui)
1 Parakramabahu class PB
3 P430 (ROK ‘Killer’) FAC
6 P463 (Super Dvora Mk II)
6 Super Dvora Mk. III
10 Colombo FAC
_ Amphibious
2 Yunnan LSM
1 Yuhai LCT
1 M10 Hovercraft

Republic of China Navy
_ Destroyers
4 Kee Lung (US Kidd-class)
_ Frigates
8 Cheng Kung (Mod. US Perry)
6 Kang Ding (Mod. Fr. La Fayette)
8 Chi Yang (US Knox)
_ Light Forces
12 Ching Chinag OPV
35 Hai Ou (Dvora) Missile FAC
2 Lung Chiang Missile FAC
2 Sui Kiang Missile FAC
9 PCL coastal PB 19+10 Imp. Hai Ou/ Kunh Hua VI
_ Submarines
2 Hai Lung/Sea Dragon (Mod. Ne. Zwaardvis)
2 Hai Shih (US Guppy II) training
2 Osprey Minehunters
5 Yung Feng (MWV-50) minehunters
4 Yung Yang (US Aggressive)
4 Adjutant minesweepers
_ Amphibious and Support
2 Chung Ho LST (US Newport News)
1 Shui Hai (US Anchorage class) LSD
1 Yuen Feng transport
1 Wu Yi AOE-530 oiler

NOTES: Guppy class subs becoming dangerous to operate and Hai Lungs almost contantly on patrol. Coastal patrol Vessels corvettes class have been delayed due to design issues. Still seeking eight deisel electric subs but official denials that they have approached Russia.

Royal Thai Navy
_ Aircraft Carrier
1 Chakri Nareubet
_ Frigates
2 Phutthayofta US Knox class
2 Naresuan(PRC Jianghu Type 25T); class, upgrade inc. Sea Giraffe and 9Lv CMS planned to begin in 2012
4 Chao Praya (PRC Jianghu 053)
1 Makut Rajakumarn; training vessel
_ Corvettes
2 Rattanakosin-class
2 Tapi (US PF103 class)
3 Khamronsin class corvettes
_ Light Vessels
2 Pattani class OPV
3 Hua Hin PM
3 Khamrosin-class
3 Chonburi Gun FAC
2 Rajcharit Missile FACM
3 Prabbrorapak Missile FAC
6 Sattahip PB
3+3 T-991
2 Lat Ya (Gaeta)
2 Bangrachan (M48)
2 Bangkaew (Bluebird)
1 Thalang
_ Amphibious and Support Force
1 Ordered Endurance class LPD
1 Similian (PRC Fusu AOR)
2 Sichang LST
3 Griffon 100TD Hovercraft

NOTES: Feb The RTN plans to acquire as many as six ex-German Navy Type 206A boats in a $257m deal.

Vietnamese People’s Navy
_ Frigates
5 Petya II Class
1 +1 Ordered Dinh Tien Hoang; Project 11660 KBO-200 Gepard commissioned 2011
_ Corvettes and Light Forces
6 Tarantul I 1241-RE
3 Tarantul Project 1241.2
4+4 Ordered Tarantul/Project 1241.8 Missile FAC
2 Svetlak PB 1041.2
5 Turya FAC
4 SO1 PB
14 Zhuk PB
2 Poluchat PB
_ Submarines
6 Ordered Kilo Project 636M; Ordered in December worth around $2.8billion
2 Midget subs
_ Mine Warfare
2 Yurka minesweeper
2 Yevgenya minesweeper
4 Sonya Minesweepers
5 K8 Minesweepers

NOTES: Report that Vietnam may be interested in Damen Schelde Holland class OPVs Plans to invite Russia back to Cam Ranh.

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