Posted on 01 October 2012


Prepared by Adam Baddeley

The number of ships being inducted into navies throughout the region continues to rise with additional, new capabilities being fielded for the first time. This is occurring as tensions arise throughout East Asia over disputed islands and EEZs which has seen the mighty China matched against the Philippines and Japan while in South Asia, India’s naval aspirations dwarf those of neighbouring Pakistan and now instead compete with those of China.

As with all AMR Directories, this one has also been compiled from a range of open sources from around the world, AMR’s correspondents and discussions with industry and military personnel throughout the year. AMR would like to thank those who have scratched their heads and provided answers to our questions. We would therefore like to encourage readers over the next twelve months who can add information to either contact us in person at the year’s shows and exhibitions or by e-mail.

The Royal Australian Navy frigate HMAS Ballarat during an exercise with the US Navy. It is one of eight Anzac class ships to receive the ASMD upgrade©DoD

Royal Australian Navy
 Destroyers
3 Ordered Hobart Air Warfare Destroyers; based on modified Navantia F-100 design estimated cost A$8 billion and due to enter service in 2016- 19, two years late

 Frigates
8 ANZAC class (Meko); ASMD Upgrade to include ESSM, CEFAR, MU90, 9LV MK3E, Vampir
IRST first launch of Harpoon Block II in June 4 Adelaide (FFG-7); upgraded with SM-
2 Block IIIA and ESSM in Mk 41 VLS since 2010

 Submarines
6 Collins class 12 Planned Future Submarine; decision in 2016-18 estimated cost
A$40 billion

 Minewarfare
6 Huon class (Gaeta); commissioned from 1999-2003

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