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2) J-31 take off

Combat Aircraft

The Generation Game Since the end of World War Two, the United States has led the field in Multi-Role Combat Aircraft (MRCA) innovation, closely followed by Europe. Yet in recent years, development has stalled with the last major inhabited MRCA programmes arguably coming to an end. by David Oliver   In the United States production […]


Artillery Firepower

Up-gunning the God of War An unknown artillerist once claimed that “artillery provides class to what would otherwise be a vulgar brawl”. Whether or not this is true, it is certain that artillery can be a crucial factor in determining success or failure in battle. by Stephen Miller   It is documented that in World […]


Regional Militaries

Malaysia Modernises The development of the Malaysian armed forces has been mixed over the past two years. A combination of fiscal issues for the Malaysian government and shifting priorities in response to domestic events have contributed to the country’s armed forces being unable to advance a number of their key development plans. by Dzirhan Mahadzir […]

SPEXER 2000 (Airbus Defence and Space)

Maritime Security

Coast Guards The undulating waters of coastlines and oceans, plus the sheer multitude of vessels of all sizes moving across the surface, provide ideal hiding places for illegal activities. Coastal surveillance radars help to spot abnormal behaviour on the high seas before it becomes a threat on the shore. by Thomas Withington   The safety […]

5_Cubic MILES Individual Weapon System_v2

Training and Simulation

Game Theory The use of simulation technologies by land forces throughout the Asia-Pacific varies. Some nations have been utilising this technology for training for some time. Other nations have been slower to take it up, either because of budgeting constraints, or cultural attitudes gravitating toward live training environments. by Claire Apthorp   The traditional infantry […]


Dismounted Reconnaissance

Seeing Is Believing There is an expanding panoply of products aimed at assisting dismounted reconnaissance. This helps to make troops more effective and better able to contribute to the wider picture. A variety of technologies all promise to make the dismounted soldier a force multiplier as never before. by Peter Donaldson   To make the […]

NOLES 2013

Non-lethal weapons

The Hurt Locker The Asia-Pacific’s non-lethal weapons market is witnessing huge market growth with the sector valued at $169.2 million in 2013 but expected to rise to $224.1 million by 2018. The utility of this technology has traditionally ranged from crowd control and vehicle interdiction operations to counter-piracy missions. by Andrew White   The main […]


Regional Military

Sharpening the Tiger’s Teeth As a resurgent India seeks to achieve transformative growth and development, it is pursuing, albeit belatedly, a robust defence strategy and policies aimed at addressing the conventional and non-conventional security challenges faced by it. by Sarosh Bana   Concerned by the critical gaps in the tactical and strategic defences of its […]

Hida class (Japan Coast Guard)

Surveillance and Protection

Waterworld With the People’s Republic of China planning to launch a revamped coast guard service aimed at protecting and influencing activity across the Asia-Pacific, much emphasis is being placed on the region’s multiple maritime security agencies, not to mention United States assets in this particular Area of Operation (AO). by Andrew White   Operating as […]

Operation Slipper

Regional Military

Australian Aspirations Ambitious plans to overhaul and modernise the Australian Defence Force (ADF) appear to have taken a step forward, after Australia’s new Liberal-National Party coalition government unveiled a 2014-15 Federal Budget in June 2014 that was decidedly favourable to Defence. by Jonathan Tringham   The new budget describes a viable platform from which the […]



A Moving Experience Modernising ground forces is a priority in the Asia-Pacific region. Some armies are replacing aging equipment, while others are responding to perceived challenges to their national interests and territorial integrity. by Steven Miller   Recent defence reassessments by Japan, Taiwan, the Republic of Korea and Australia have resulted in force restructuring and […]

LCAC-1000 (Textron)


A Lot Less Bother With a Hover “The navy said it was a plane, not a boat. The air force said it was a boat, not a plane, and the army was ‘plain not interested’,” said Sir Christopher Cockerell the British inventor of the hovercraft summing up the initial military reaction to his idea. by […]

MEADS (MEADS International)


Band Aid “Like emptying a jerry can through a soda straw” was how one UAV pilot described to the author the effect that bandwidth limits can have on ADLs when trying to transmit video imagery across long distances. by Thomas Withington   Airborne Data Links (ADLs) allow Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft […]

Arjun (Ajai Shukla)

Tanks For Everything

Almost every country in the Asia-Pacific has embarked on military modernisation programmes which include overhauling their Main Battle Tank (MBT) fleets. This article will examine MBT procurement and upgrade programmes ongoing around the region. by John Ross Military analysts at IHS Jane’s note the increased defence spending of Asia-Pacific countries which has risen from 13.5 […]

Z-9EC helicopter (1)

Deterrence and Doctrine

Pakistan’s nuclear umbrella has given the country breathing space to modernise her military, with a sea-based deterrent on the cards. Islamabad is pursuing a policy of self-reliance and export promotion in the defence sector, based on an emerging strategic relationship with Beijing. by Alex Calvo   The October 2014 centenary anniversary of the arrival of […]