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Regional Military

Sharpening the Tiger’s Teeth As a resurgent India seeks to achieve transformative growth and development, it is pursuing, albeit belatedly, a robust defence strategy and policies aimed at addressing the conventional and non-conventional security challenges faced by it. by Sarosh Bana   Concerned by the critical gaps in the tactical and strategic defences of its […]

Hida class (Japan Coast Guard)

Surveillance and Protection

Waterworld With the People’s Republic of China planning to launch a revamped coast guard service aimed at protecting and influencing activity across the Asia-Pacific, much emphasis is being placed on the region’s multiple maritime security agencies, not to mention United States assets in this particular Area of Operation (AO). by Andrew White   Operating as […]

Operation Slipper

Regional Military

Australian Aspirations Ambitious plans to overhaul and modernise the Australian Defence Force (ADF) appear to have taken a step forward, after Australia’s new Liberal-National Party coalition government unveiled a 2014-15 Federal Budget in June 2014 that was decidedly favourable to Defence. by Jonathan Tringham   The new budget describes a viable platform from which the […]



A Moving Experience Modernising ground forces is a priority in the Asia-Pacific region. Some armies are replacing aging equipment, while others are responding to perceived challenges to their national interests and territorial integrity. by Steven Miller   Recent defence reassessments by Japan, Taiwan, the Republic of Korea and Australia have resulted in force restructuring and […]

LCAC-1000 (Textron)


A Lot Less Bother With a Hover “The navy said it was a plane, not a boat. The air force said it was a boat, not a plane, and the army was ‘plain not interested’,” said Sir Christopher Cockerell the British inventor of the hovercraft summing up the initial military reaction to his idea. by […]

MEADS (MEADS International)


Band Aid “Like emptying a jerry can through a soda straw” was how one UAV pilot described to the author the effect that bandwidth limits can have on ADLs when trying to transmit video imagery across long distances. by Thomas Withington   Airborne Data Links (ADLs) allow Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft […]

Arjun (Ajai Shukla)

Tanks For Everything

Almost every country in the Asia-Pacific has embarked on military modernisation programmes which include overhauling their Main Battle Tank (MBT) fleets. This article will examine MBT procurement and upgrade programmes ongoing around the region. by John Ross Military analysts at IHS Jane’s note the increased defence spending of Asia-Pacific countries which has risen from 13.5 […]

Z-9EC helicopter (1)

Deterrence and Doctrine

Pakistan’s nuclear umbrella has given the country breathing space to modernise her military, with a sea-based deterrent on the cards. Islamabad is pursuing a policy of self-reliance and export promotion in the defence sector, based on an emerging strategic relationship with Beijing. by Alex Calvo   The October 2014 centenary anniversary of the arrival of […]

Sea Fire-500 (Thales)


Today’s soldier has several means at their disposal to detect targets in their locale. At the most basic level, they have their own eyesight and hearing. These two sensors can be augmented with optronics and acoustic sensors. Another tool that they can apply is radar. by Thomas Withington   Employing microwaves to detect targets has […]

Talisman (UK MoD)

The Grim Reaper’s Text Message

Like the Panzerfaust rocket-propelled grenade of World War Two and the AK-47 Kalashnikov assault rifle used in numerous insurgencies around the world, the remote-controlled roadside bomb remains a signature weapon of the twenty-first century. by Thomas Withington   United States-led forces deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq soon became au fait with the remote-controlled roadside bomb […]


Personnel Trainer

The military training and simulation industry is developing new and innovative ways to allow armed forces to train as they fight, and many armed forces in the Asia-Pacific region are increasingly exploiting advanced technology to improve their training methods across the air, land and sea domains. by Claire Apthorp The use of simulation technologies in […]

6) Paramount AHRLAC

COIN in the Slot

One of the lessons learnt during recent conflicts is the importance of armed reconnaissance aircraft and the rediscovery of the Counter-Insurgency (COIN) role developed with great success by the United States during its involvement in the Vietnam War, but largely disregarded since. by David Oliver   Having a counter insurgency capability has grown in importance […]


68 Guns

Once nearly eclipsed by the guided missile, the naval gun is enjoying something of a renaissance thanks to advanced fire control, networked sensors, smart fuses and precision guidance systems making these weapons increasingly flexible and able to engage a wide target set. by Peter Donaldson   The need to engage close-in surface and airborne threats […]

X3K (North Sea Boats)

Feeding the Future Force

Indonesia is facing the need to quickly overhaul its disparate military forces following the end of international arms embargoes imposed as a response to the country’s human rights record. This restricted its defence modernisation plans for almost a decade. by Andrew Drwiega   The resurgence of Indonesia’s economic strength after the dark days of the […]


Dragon’s Den

The November 2014 China’s Zhuhai Airshow will be a rare forum where the country will publicly display its military hardware. Indeed, few other militaries attract the attention, and also the apprehension, that the ever-modernising People’s Liberation Army (PLA) engenders. by Gordon Arthur   Neighbours are certainly unnerved by China’s military modernisation, as is the United […]