The AMR Regional Air Force Directory 2012

Posted on 30 August 2012

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Prepared by Adam Baddeley

AMR’s Regional Air Force Directory of the various air forces, naval air arms and army aviation assets across the Asia-Pacific Region returns in our first issue of 2012. Over the past year, the region has proved itself as the global crucible for the design, development, procurement and fielding of combat aircraft outside of the notable and enduring exception of the United States. As well as maintaining its ongoing focus on multi-role combat aircraft with programmes such as India’s MMRCA, Malaysia’s new MRCA, Japans F-X and Korea’s FX-III competitions, new developments as seen with the Korean KF-X, Japan’s ATD-X Shinshin, India’s nascent Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft and more established PAK-FA collaboration and China’s J-20 curio, are exploring indigenous fifth generation technologies hitherto limited to North America and Europe. This pursuit must also be seen in parallel to other efforts, not just prestige projects, focused on providing balanced capabilities for fixed and rotary wing tactical transport and close air support and special mission aircraft that truly enhance air superiority capabilities.

As before, the Directory has been compiled from a range of open sources from around the world, AMR’s correspondents and discussions with industry and military personnel throughout the year. AMR would like to thank those who have scratched their heads and provided answers to our questions. We would therefore like to encourage readers over the next twelve months who can add information to either contact us in person at the year’s shows and exhibitions or by e-mail.

Afghan National Army Air Force
13+7 Ordered G222/C-27A, 20 ac planned by 2012
20 Ordered A-29 Super Tucano, $350m, delivery mid 2013 deal uses same engines as C-208B
6 C 182 Turbos

3+3 Ordered C-208B, advanced training and transport role, first ac arrived in Oct could increase by a further 20 ac
46+35 Ordered Mi-8 MTV-1/Mi- 17DV/V5, $370m recent order for 21 Mi-17 helicopters, delivery by 2013
9 Mi-35, 377th Rotary Wing Squ began operations in August 2010
9 UH-1H
6 MD530F, advanced training role with up to 54 could be acquired for $186 million

NOTES: Last remaining An-26 and five An- 32B supported by US NAVAIR Support and Commercial Derivative Aircraft Program Office retired as C-27 delivery completing. Mi-8 and Mi-17 maintenance being supported by US, funded through Czech firm LOM.
Royal Australian Air Force
55/16 F/A-18A/B, IOC for AGM-158 JASSM expected soon
24 F/A-18F, deliveries completed in Oct
14 Ordered F-35A, requirement for a further 86 ac est. at $17bil. IOC in 2018
33 Hawk 127, Phase 1A of A$100-300m Air 5438 upgrade recently gained First Pass approval
63 PC-9/9A, one ac crashed in May
9 King Air 200/350
4+2 Ordered 737 Wedgetail AEW&C, participated in Bersama Lima in November, final acceptance due in March 2012
18 AP-3C, due to retire in 2018-19
1 AP-3C EW
2 737-700BBJ
3 Challenger CL 604 VIP
9 C-130H, four ac to be donated to Indonesia in 2012
12 C-130J-30
5+1 Ordered C-17, sixth ac for RAAF 36 Squ ordered in Nov worth $300m, fifth ac delivered in Sept
10 Planned Air 8000 Phase 2 DHC-4 replacement, C-27J is preferred versus C-295 in $900m-$1b deal
4+1 Ordered KC-30A, first ac formally accepted in June with 33 Squ

Royal Australian Navy
9 S-70B-2 Seahawk, withdrawal in 2018, no interim upgrade
24 Ordered MH-60R, first export of Romeo, deliveries in $3.1b deal begin in 2014, complete by 2018
5 MRH90, based at HMAS Albatross with new 808 Squadron
13 AS350BA, Lead In Helicopter Training
3 AW109E

Australian Army Aviation Corps
14 OH-58
6+2 Ordered CH-47D, two used ac to be delivered in Jan to enter service in 2012, fleet grounded temporarily in Sept
7 Ordered CH-47F, to be introduced in 2016
22 Ordered Tiger ARH, last Project 87 ac delivered to 1st Aviation Reg. in Dec
34 S-70A-9 Blackhawk
1 AS350BA
10+28 Ordered MRH90, programme added to the Projects of Concern list, fifteenth helo delivered in Dec

NOTES: RAN is to lease three Bell 429 via Raytheon for training in a $26m deal beginning in 2012. Australia has voiced concerned about F-35 schedules with the suggestion that further Super Hornets would be acquired as an alternative. Australia has committed to a buy of 14 F-35, rising to 100. The first two aircraft are expected to be delivered in 2014-15 with all 14 by 2017. Five Sea King 50s are being sold.

Bangladesh Air Force
8 A-5C
23+16 Ordered F-7M/BG, 16 F-7BGIs due to be delivered in 2012
8 MiG-29SE/UB
8 L-39ZA
3 An-32
4 C-130B
19 Mi-17/171
16 UH-1N/Bell 212
4 Bell 206L
6 FT-6
11 T-37B Bangladesh Army
2 Bell 206L4
4 Cessna 152
1 Grand Caravan Bangladesh Navy
2 Ordered AW109
2 Ordered Do 228NG, delivery in 2013

NOTES: Bangladesh is planning the procurement a further 20-32 fighter aircraft by 2027.

Royal Brunei Air Force
1 CN-235-110M
2 Bell 206B, training role
11 Bell 212/214ST, replaced by S-70i Black Hawk
4 BO105CB, replaced by S-70i Black Hawk
4 +12 Ordered S-70A/L/i, 12 ordered in deal worth $240m
4 PC-7Mk II

NOTES: Order for the S-70i expected to be delivered from 2014.

Royal Cambodian Air Force
1 AN-24
3 Mi-8
3 Mi-17
1 AS355
1 UH-1H
5 L-39C
2 Y-12-II, operated by Air Cambodia
3 An-24RV, operated by Air Cambodia Notes: Reports of a $195m deal for Z-9 helos from China.

People’s Liberation Army Air Force
120 H-6, inc. 10 H-6U Tankers, began upgrades in 2006
350 J-7
70 JH-7, crash at airshow in Shaanxi in Oct.
180 J-8II
200 J-10, includes new J-10B
140+70 Ordered J-11A/B
76 Su 30MKK/MK2
76 Su-27SK/UBK
4 JF-17
130 Q-5A
8 Ordered IL-78
5 A-50I, KJ-2000 radar/mission system based near Taiwan
4 Y-8 AEW, prototypes with different radar configurations
2 737
80/4 Y-7/MA60
45 Y-8
3 AN-12
10+30 Ordered IL-76MD
4 Tu-154 ELINT
3 Mi-6
330 Mi-8/17/171/172
40 Z-8
210 Z-9
60 Z-11
28+130 Ordered HC-120
16 S-70
130 JJ6
40 JJ7
180 JL-8/K-8
People’s Liberation Army Naval Air Force
16 H-6D
6 Y-8 MPA
30 J-7D/E
35 JH-7A
48 J-8
20 J-10, 10AS and J-10SH
24 J-11
30 Q-5
16 JJ-6
23 Su-30MKK2/33
50 Ordered JF-15,
3 SA365N
12+6 Ordered Ka-28/31
8 Mi-8
3 SH-5
26 Z-8, some Z-8s modified for AEW role
20 Z-9C
14 JJ-6
12 JL-8 (K-8)
12 JL-9

NOTES: China increased its defence budget by 12.7 percent in 2011. New Y-8 based MPA seen, dubbed Y-8X. PLANAF expected to field J15 (Su33 clone) from 2014 but experiencing testing problems with the three prototypes. CAIC WZ-10 attack helicopter still stalled in final development with eight helos reported to be at Nanjing. JZ-8F reconnaissance aircraft deployed with Air Force and Navy. PLAN Y-8GX8 ELINT platform due to enter service in 2012. Flight tests underway on the Shaanxi Y-9, the replacement for the Y-8. Y-20 heavy transport platform still in development PLANAF trialing Y-7 based AEW&C ac for carrier operations.

Indian Air Force
69 MiG-29S/UB/UPG, fatal crash in Himachal Pradesh state in Oct, first modernised UPG ac received in 2011
57 Mirage-2000H/TH, ordered 450 MICA AAM in late 2011, $2.4b upgrade of 51 Vajras to Mirage 2000-9 standard approved Jan
137+94 Ordered Su-30MK/MKI, crash took place in Dec near Pune, eventual plans for 13 squadrons
126 Planned MMRCA, bid opened in Nov, press reports of costs doubling to $20b
153 MiG-21Bison/bis/M, ac crashed in Oct in Rajasthan state, fourth in 2011, all bis variants to be retired by 2017, others before this
151+10 Ordered Jaguar IM/IS/T, fatal crash in Uttar Pradesh in August
14 MiG-23UM, all to be retired by 2017
88 MiG-27UPG
3 Ordered EMB-145 AEW, first ac to be delivered in 2012 due to enter service in 2014 in $208m 2008 deal
3+2 Planned IL-76TD/A-50EI AEW, est. cost of new orders is $800m with IAI, for 50 Squ
2 Gulfstream III EW
1 1125 G100 Recce
6 IL-78 MKI ‘MARS’
6 Planned MRTT, est. $2b, trials of A330 MRTT and Il-78 in Nov
105 An-32, five upgraded AM- 32RE ac arrived from Ukraine in Sept
10 C-17, $4.1b deal concluded in June, delivery in 2013-14
6+6 Ordered C-130J, first ac delivered in Feb
28+12 Ordered Do-228-201
55 HS 748, some in ELINT role
17 Il-76
25+54 Ordered Dhruv
65 Ordered LCH, deliveries from 2013-14, in service around 2016
138+113 Ordered Mi-8/17, first Mil-17-V5 helos delivered in Nov, conclude in 2014. Part of a $1.35b deal in 2008, possibly a further 35 required
3 Mi-26, to be replaced by either 15 CH-47F or Mi-26T2
20 Mi-35
22 Ordered AH-64D, $1.4b deal, options could increase numbers to 44
65 Ordered LCH, expected to be inducted from 2013
11 SA315 Cheetah, to be replaced by LUH
72 SA316 Cheetak, to be replaced by LUH
64 Planned LUH, competition between AS 550 Fennec and Kamov Ka-226
35+70 Ordered Hawk 132, latest order for 20 for Surya Kiran aerobatics team worth $72 million
161 HJT-16
16 Ordered HJT-36 Sitara
181 Ordered PC-7 II, replaces grounded HPT-32 Deepaks in a $976 million deal. 75 aircraft from Pilatus with 106 built
locally by HAL
15 Ordered Saras, training role, first three ac delivered in 2014, potential order for a further 75 together with Navy
1+39 Ordered Tejas Mk1, service entry expected in 2014
100 Planned Tejas LCA, to be fitted with Derby AAM, IAF plans to acquire 100 Tejas Mk II which is due to fly in 2014

Indian Army55 Dhruv ALH
25+10 Ordered SA315
80 SA316
133 Planned LUH, original decision on AS 550C3 cancelled in 2007

Indian Naval Air Arm
16+29 Ordered MiG-29K/KuB, INS Vikramaditya due to enter service in late 2012, $1.5 billion contract for 29 jets made in 2010
8/3 Sea Harrier FRS51/T4/60
6 Ordered Tejas LCA
8 Tu-142ME, first ac upgraded to MSD standard delivered in Dec and due to complete by 2020
12 Ordered P-8I MPA, first flight 28th Sept, entering service from 2013, number could increase to 24
22/4 Do-228 MPA/Transport, work closely with the Coast Guard
6 Planned Medium Range Maritime Reconnaissance Aircraft, in competition
5 IL-38 MPA
12 BN-2
6 Dhruv ALH
15 Ka-25
16 Ka-28, upgrade planned
9+4 Ordered Ka-31, upgrade planned
36 SA316B/319
27 Sea King 42
3 UH-3
17 Ordered Hawk 132
20 HJT-16

NOTES: IAF combat squadrons number 33, well below government authorised levels. In addition to PAK-FA of which India plans to acquire around 200 twin-seaters, the Aeronautical Development Agency is also planning to develop the Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft for 2025. The US has indicated
openness to offering the F-35 to India. India reported to have requirement for seven EMB-145/MA-1 SIGINT/ELINT aircraft. Indian Navy issued RFI in May 2010 for carrier based AEW&C. First test fire of BrahMos from a Su-30MKI planned for 2012. Weapons package on IN’s MiG-29K purchase criticised by comptroller and auditor general. Modernisation of Air Field Infrastructure India project preparing IAF bases for new advanced aircraft.

Indonesian Air Force
7/3+24 Ordered F-16A/B, 24 new ac at Block 52 standard in $750m deal
25 Hawk 209
13 Hawk 53/109, to be replaced by T-50
5 Su-27SK/SKM
5 Su-30MK/MK2
50 Planned KF-X
6/3 F-5E/F
8 Ordered EMB-314 Super Tucano, deal finalised in May, delivery in 2012
2 OV-10
3 737 MPA
1+2 Ordered CN-235 MPA
1 KC-130B
1 737
15 C-130B/H/H-30/L-100
10 C-212
9 Ordered CN-295, worth $325m entering service by mid 2014
5 CN-235 110/220M
6 F27-400M, to be replaced by new CN-295
5 F-28 1000/3000
2 PC-6
11 NAS332J
12 Ordered AW101
2 Ordered EC725
11 EC120B
11 KT-1B
18 SF-260M/W
16 T-34C
16 Ordered T-50, $400 million deal deliveries to be completed by 2013
28 AS/SA-202
18 Ordered G120TP, won competition for new basic training aircraft in 2011, delivery begins in 2012

Indonesian Army
1 BN-2A
3 C-212
2 DHC-5
1 Turbo Commander
11 Bell 205A-1
18 Ordered Bell 210
31 Bell 412, ac crashed in May
20 NBO-105
12+6 Ordered Mi-17-V5, latest six delivered to No. 21 Squ in August
8 Mi-35M
2 EC-120B

Indonesian Navy
3 NC-212-200 MPA
13 NC-212-200
3 Ordered NCN-235-220
3 Nomad 22 MPA
17 Nomad 22/24, transport
1 Ordered NB 412SP
4 NAS332
4 NBO-105
3 EC-120B
2 Mi-2

NOTES: Defence budget from FY2012 up by53 percent. Indonesia is to contribute 20 percent of the costs of the KF-X programme with approx 50 aircraft required from 2018. Indonesia will also receive from US four F- 16 Block 25 jets and two Block 15 aircraft for spare parts. Initial agreement to acquire six Su-30MK2 fighters in place with an est $500m cost. Dirgantara has signed a teaming agreement with Airbus Military for production of the C-295. Press reports of seeking surplus AH-64 Apaches from European operators. Kaman reported to have offered the Kaman SH-2G Super Seasprite helicopters for an ASW requirement.

Japan Air Self Defence Force
63/17 F-2A/B
82 F-4EJ/EF-4EJ/RF-4EJ
153/45 F-15J/DJ, fleet grounded for short time in July after crash near Okinawa
42 Ordered F-35A, winner of F-X in late Dec to replace F-4J, four scheduled for delivery in 2016 at $127m each
4 E-767, based at Hamamatsu, recently received RSIP upgrade
1 EC-1
13 E-2C, Hawkeye 2000s based at Misawa Air Base
10 YS-11P/FC/NT/EA/EB, transports to be retired 2012-14
4 KC-767
30 U-125/A
26 C-1A/FTB
20 Ordered C-2
16 C-130H/KC-130H, US surplus to replace YS-11 transport
5 Gulfstream IV
19 CH-47J
40+40 Ordered UH-60J
13 Beechcraft T-400
204 T/XT-4
48 T-7

Japanese Ground Self Defence Force
5 King Air 350/LR-2
7 MU-2
75 AH-1S
10+2 Ordered AH-64DJP
57 CH-47J/JA
27 OH-1
139 OH-6D/J
174 UH-1H/J
30 UH-60JA

Japan Maritime Self Defence Force
105 EP-3C/UP-3D/UP-3C, to be replaced by 65 P-1s
10 Ordered P-1 MPA
8 US-1/-2
10 YS-11T-A/M/M-A
4 Learjet 36
7+6 Ordered MCH/CH101
10 MH-53E
145 SH/UH-60J/K
29 King Air 90
9 OH-6D/J
43 T-5
4+10 Ordered EC135T2i

NOTES: Japan is funding Mitsubishi’s ATDX Shinshin to the tune of $500m with a first flight expected by 2016. Mitsubishi XP-1 experienced rips and tears during ground testing. The Air Force is scrapping 12 F-2 fighters at Matsushima Air Base damaged in the Tsunami, six other F-2s will be repaired.

Lao People’s Liberation Army Air Force
25 MiG-21PFM/U
1 An-26
10 An-2
6 Ka-32
1 An-74K-100
7 Mi-8
9 Mi-17
4 UH-1H
4 Z-9

NOTES: Declining serviceability across the board.

Royal Malaysian Air Force
10 F/RF-5E/F-5F
8 F/A-18D, $17.3m upgrade announced in November, complete by 2015
18 Planned MRCA, Gripen, Rafale, Super Hornet & Typhoon, due to enter service in
2015-16, decision by 2013
14/6 Hawk 208/108
10+2 Ordered MiG-29N/UB
18 Su-30MKM
4 Ordered A400M
14 C-130H/H-30/T
6 CN-235-220M
1 Falcon 900B
1 F28-1000
10 Cessna 402
1 Global Express BD700
4 King Air 200 MPA
4 Mi-171Sh
12 Ordered EC-725, begin deliveries in 2012
26 S-61A-4
2 AS61N-1
21 SA316
8 MB339CM
31 PC-7, will be thirty years old by 2013
17 PC-7 Mk II
1 B737
1 A319
2 S-70 VIP

Malaysia Army Air Corps
11 AW109H
Royal Malaysian Navy
6 AS.555SN
6 Super Lynx 300
6 Planned ASW Helos, planned to begin in 2012, postponed to 2013-14

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