Posted on 01 February 2013

Exercise Bersama Shield 2011

MR’s Regional Air Force Directory of the various air forces, naval air arms and army aviation assets across the Asia-Pacific Region returns in our first issue of 2013.


The cancellation and postponement of programmes that characterise Western defence budgets while not absent in the Asia-Pacific are much less prevalent with modernisation in the region if anything both accelerating and widening in scope. China continues to design new aircraft, the J-31 and Y-20 being two very different aircraft that have come into the public gaze over the last 12 months. In India, progress together with Russia via the Medium Transport Aircraft and PAK-FA has also been noted. In regards to the Joint Strike Fighter, Japan has made a decisive decision on the delayed F-35 while South Korea has pushed a decision on the FX-III into 2013 and Australia has looked at additional F/A-18F  aircraft as a bridge across these delays. More modest air forces have also made a splash with the Philippines beginning a significant modernisation programme across the board with several new Request For Proposals due in 2013 while Indonesia has racked up deals for two squadrons of F-16s and Apache Longbow attack helicopters. Even smaller countries such as Bangladesh have begun modernisation with two AS365s delivered at the end of the year.


As before, the Directory has been compiled from a range of open sources from around the world, AMR’s correspondents and discussions with industry and military personnel throughout the year. AMR would like to thank those who have scratched their heads and provided answers to our questions. We would therefore like to encourage readers over the next twelve months who can add information to either contact us in person at the year’s shows and exhibitions or by e-mail.





n Afghan National Army Air Force

16+4                     G222/C-27A, may                                be cancelled in March                        at 16 ac due to

readiness levels

20  Planned         Light Air Support,                  $355m prog. rebid in                           2012, A-29 originally                          selected over AT-6

18 Ordered          PC-12NG, $218m                                 contact announced in                         Oct., delivered by July                        2015 to support


6                            C 182 Turbos

18+8 Ordered      C-208B

48+12 Ordered   Mi-17DV-5/Mi-17V-1,                         $171m deal for ten                             more Hinds agreed in                          July

7                            Mi-35, due to retire in                           2014, replaced by


9                            UH-1H

6                            MD530F, a further 48                          on order, first flight                              training ac in Dec 2011


Notes:  Afghan Air Force scheduled to be independent in 2017. Funding for Light Support Aircraft programme expires at end of FY2013.


n Royal Australian Air Force

55/16                    F/A-18A/B, in service                           post 2020 due to JSF                          delays, issues                                        with 6000 hour                                        airframe safe limit

24                          F/A-18F, 12 ac                                       upgraded to EA-18G                           in $1.6b deal planned,                        first ac converted by        2018

2 Ordered             F-35A, a further 98                               required,  first 2 ac                               delivered in 2013 for                           testing and training

in US, 12 order                                       ac delayed by                                       two  years saving                                 A$1.6 billion,                                                 decision on order                                 planned for 2014-15,                          second tranche of 58                          ac planned

33                          Hawk 127, BAE                                    awarded $25m                                     contract in July                                    to upgrade to                                                 RAF T2 configuration                        to support F/A-18F                              and F-35 training

63                          PC-9/9A

9                            King Air 200/350

6 Ordered             737 Wedgetail                                        AEW&C, last ac                                  received in June, IOC                        achieved in Nov.                       2012. Boeing won                               $55m EW support                               contract

18                          AP-3C,                                                     replacement by                                    P-8A, last 2 ac                                      returned from

Op Slipper in late                   2012, due to be                                    retired in 2019

1                            AP-3C EW

2                            737-700BBJ

3                            Challenger CL 604                                VIP

9                            C-130H, last eight ac                            retired at end of Nov.

12                          C-130J-30,                                              conducted                                             successful fuel

management trials                                in 2012

6                            C-17 , sixth ac                                        ordered in June                                   $297m deal,                                         delivered 1st Nov.

10 Ordered          C-27J , valued at                                   $1.4b equipped with                           RR AE2100 engines

5                            KC-30A, IOC                                         achieved,                               testing of refueling                               boom in 2013                                       unsolicited proposal                            for sixth ac submitted                         May 2012.

n Royal Australian Navy

16                          S-70B-2 Seahawk,                                replaced by MH-60R

24 Ordered          MH-60R, first 2 ac                                due in Dec 2013,                                  IOC mid-2015

5                            MRH90

12                          AS350BA

3                            Bell 429, delivered in                            June, replaces                                       AW109E

n Australian Army Aviation Corps

37                          Bell 206

6 Ordered             CH-47D,

7 Ordered             CH-47F

22                          Tiger ARH, cockpit                               fumes led to multiple                          groundings in 2012

34                          S-70A-9 Blackhawk

1                            AS350BA

15+31 Ordered   MRH90


Notes: Air 9000 Phase 7 helicopter Aircrew Training Systems RFT issued in Jan 2012 replacing the OH-58 and AS350 with a single type and worth A$500m -A$1b. Deliveries of C-27J planned for early 2015 to September 2016 with IOC in late 2016. 62 of the 71 F/A-18A/B have experienced structural issues above those expected based on their flight hours. Australia funded P-8A Inc. 3 in October in a deal worth $18m although not formal order. Letter Of Request sent to US regarding the procurement of a further 24 F/A-18F as an option if the F-35A is delayed with a decision due in 2013.


n Bangladesh Air Force

8                            A-5C

23+16                   F-7M/BG

8                            MiG-29SE/UB

8                            L-39ZA

3                            An-32

4+4 Ordered        C-130B/E, four ex-                               US C130Es being                                 acquired in $160m                              deal

19                          Mi-17/171

16                          UH-1N/Bell 212

4                            Bell 206L

6                            FT-6

11                          T-37B

n Bangladesh Army

2                            Bell 206L4

4                            Cessna 152

1                            Grand Caravan

2                            AS365N3+, delivered                           in Dec.

n Bangladesh Navy

2                            AW109

3                            Z9

2 Ordered             Do 228NG

Notes: Bangladesh is planning the procurement a further 20-32 fighter aircraft by 2027.


n Royal Brunei Air Force

1                            CN-235-110M

2                            Bell 206B

11                          Bell 212/214ST

6                            BO105CB

4+12 Ordered      S-70A/L/i

4                            PC-7Mk II


Notes: Japanese ShinMaywa sees potential requirement for Amphibian SAR ac


n Royal Cambodian Air Force

1                            AN-24RV

4                            Mi-8, replaced by Z-9

4                            Mi-17, replaced by                                Z-9

1                            AS355

1                            UH-1H

1                            Y-12-II

2                            MA60

12 Ordered          Z-9, first ac arrive in                             April


Notes: China loaned Cambodia $195m to acquire several Zhishengji-9 (Z-9) light utility helicopters which will be used to replace its remaining Mi-8s and Mi-17 aircraft.


n People’s Liberation Army Air Force

120                       H-6, inc. 10 H-6U                  Tankers

380                       J-7, crash in Shantou                            in Guangdong in Dec.

70                          JH-7

100                       J-8II

200                       J-10

140+70 Ordered J-11A/B

76                          Su 30MKK/MK2

95                          Su-27SK/UBK

48 Ordered          Su-35, $4 billion deal

4                            JF-17

110                       Q-5A, final ac                                        delivered in Oct.

8 Ordered             IL-78

5                            A-50I, KJ200 AEW                              suite

7                            Y-8 AEW

2                            737

59                          Y-7/MA60

75                          Y-8, inc. Recce                                       versions, Meggitt                  contracted to                                        provide navigation                                 and display                                           equipment for                                      four Y-8s via                                        Chengdu CAIC

3                            AN-12

25                          AN-26

13+7                     Ordered   IL-76MD

13                          Tu-154, inc 8 ELINT                            versions

3                            Mi-6

330+52                Mi-8/17/171/172

40                          Z-8

210                       Z-9

10                          Z-10

60                          Z-11

93+57 Ordered   HC-120

16                          S-70

130                       JJ-6

40                          JJ-7

180                       JL-8/K-8

n People’s Liberation Army Naval Air Force

16                          H-6D

5                            Y-8 MPA

5                            Y-8 ELINT

8                            Y-8 AEW

30                          J-7D/E

35                          JH-7A

48                          J-8

20                          J-10, 10AS and J-10SH

30                          Q-5

16                          JJ-6

23                          Su-30MKK2/33

2+48 Ordered      J-15, copy of

Su-33, two J-15 have                            landed on the                                       Liaoning carrier

6                            SA365N

19+7 Ordered      Ka-28/31

8                            Mi-8

3                            SH-5

16                          Z-8

25                          Z-9C

9                            Y-7

12                          Y-8

14                          JJ-6

12                          JL-8 (K-8)

12                          JL-9


Notes: Chengdu J-20 IOC as early as 2018, 1st flight in Jan. 2011 second ac in May 2012. the F-22 like J-21 reported to have made first flight  in October. First pictures of Y-20 a four engine high wing strategic transport. Questionable reports that China may be developing a STOVL type aircraft.


n Indian Air Force

69                          MiG-29S/UB/                                         UPG, first                                               3 of 69 upgraded                                 ac delivered in                                             December from                                    RAC MiG. From                                  ac no. 6 HAL will                                               undertake the                                         upgrade

55                          Mirage-2000H/TH,                               two ac crashed in Feb-                        March

120+152 Ordered Su-30MK/MKI,                  Govt. approved                                    plans to equip                                       MKIs with 200 air                                 launched BrahMos                             missiles. Ordered a                               further 42 in January.                         Talks to upgrade

214 Planned        PAK-FA/T-50,                                       HAL/Sukhoi                                         collaboration unit                                cost of $100m,                                  certification planned                           for 2019

126  Planned       Rafael B/C, replacing                           MiG-27 and MiG-21,                          contract deferred in                             Jan. budget cuts

152                       MiG-21Bison/                                        bis/M, ac crashed in                            November

149+10 Ordered Jaguar IM/IS/T, 1st                              DARIN III upgraded                          ac flew in Nov.

14                          MiG-23UM

80                          MiG-27UPG

1+79 Ordered      Tejas LCA

3 Ordered             EMB-145 AEW

3+2   Planned      IL-76TD/A-50EI AEW

2                            Gulfstream III EW

1                            1125 G100 Recce

7                            IL-78 MKI ‘MARS’

6                            Planned

MRTT, A330 selected                          in est. $1b deal,                                    contract deferred                                 in Jan 2013 budget                    cuts

105                       An-32

10                          C-17, $1.78b                                          contact for partial                               cost finalised in Feb.                           2012,  deliveries in           2013-14

6+6 Ordered        C-130J

40                          Do-228-201

59                          HS 748

56 Planned          Light Transport,                                     replacement                                          for HS 748, RFP                                  for 56 ac in Dec.                                        est. value $2.5b-$3b

45 Planned          Medium                                  Transport Aircraft,                              development                                        contract                 for HAL and               United Aircraft                                     signed in Oct.

17                          Il-76

47+65 Ordered   Dhruv ALH

25                          LCH

2+10 Ordered      AW101, VVIP role

150+109 Ordered Mi-8/17, latest                     order for Mi-17V5 in                           December as part of                           an 80 ac deal in 2008,                                   first Mi-  17V5                                      inducted in Feb.                                   2 Mi-17s crashed in                             August killing 8

3                            Mi-26

15 Ordered          CH-47F

20                          Mi-37

11                          SA316 Cheetah

72                          SA319 Cheetak

64 Planned          LUH, programme                  deferred in 2013                                  budget cuts

65+60 Ordered   Hawk 132

161                       HJT-16

16 Ordered          HJT-36 Sitara

181 Ordered        PC-7 II

15                          Saras

n Indian Army

45+179 Ordered Dhruv ALH

22 Ordered          AH-64E, deal                                         worth $1.2b

20+40 Ordered   Rudra AH, first 20 ac                           inducted in March                               2013

114                       LCH

27+3 Ordered      SA315

133 Planned        LUH

n Indian Naval Arm

17+29 Ordered   MiG-29K/KUB, sea                              trials on                                                  Vikramaditya                                       successful

8/3                        Sea Harrier FRS51/                               T4/60

8 Ordered             Tejas LCA,                                             first flight in April                                 2012

8                            Tu-142ME

8+12 Planned     P-8I MPA, first                                       ac delivered to                                      IN in December, 2                               more ac due in early                   2013 before fly to new                       Tamil Nadu base

26                          Do-228 MPA/                                        Transport

6 Planned            Medium                                  Range Maritime                                   Reconnaissance                                   Aircraft

5                            IL-38 MPA

12                          BN-2

15                          Saras

8                            Dhruv ALH

7                            Ka-25

13                          Ka-28

9                            Ka-31

36                          SA316B/319

27                          Sea King 42

3                            UH-3

17 Ordered          Hawk 132

20                          HJT-16

9                            Amphib SAR, RFI in                            Jan 2011, need for up                         to 18 ac


Notes: Government has called for HAL to restructure to better address the production and development of more complex aircraft types. India has expressed interest in further C-17s although Ministry have said there are no plans. First PAK-FA due to arrive in India in 2014, second in 2017, third in 2019. Total cost of programme estimated at $30b.


n Indonesian Air Force

7/3+24 Ordered  F-16A/B, 24 surplus                              ac from US upgraded                         to Block 52 standard

25                           Hawk 209, ac                                        crashed in Oct.

13                           Hawk 53/109

5                            Su-27SK/SKM,                                     based at Sultan                                    Hasanuddin AB,                                  South Sulawesi

5+6 Planned        Su-30MK/MK2,                    remainder to be in                               service by 2014

50  Planned         KF-X

6/3                        F-5E/F

4+12 Ordered      EMB-314 Super                                    Tucano, 1st ac                                    arrived in Sept.,                                    completing in 2014

2                            OV-10

3                            737 MPA

1+1 Ordered        CN-235 MPA

1                            KC-130B

1                            737

16 +4 Ordered     C-130B/H/H-                                        30/L-100, 4 ex-                                   RAAF C130H to be                            transferred

10                          C-212

2 + 7                     Ordered  CN-295, 1st                           delivery in Sept.

6                            CN-235 110/220M

6                              F27-400M

2                              PC-6

7+9 Ordered          AS332

15                           SA330

7                              NBO105

4                              S-58

6 Ordered             EC725, delivery in                                2014

18 Ordered          GT120B

10                          EC120B

17                           KT-1B

18                           SF-260M/W

16                           T-34C

16 Ordered          T-50, ordered in 2011

n Indonesian Army

1                            BN-2A

6                            C-212

1                            Turbo Commander

8 Ordered             AH-64E, $1.4b DCSA                          announcement in                                Oct. 2012 inc. 120                               Hellfire missiles

11                          Bell 205A-1

36                          Bell 412

7                            NBO-105

7                            SA316

12+6 Ordered      Mi-17-V5

5                            Mi-35M

2                            EC-120B

n Indonesian Navy

6                            NC-212-200 MPA

10+1                     NC-212-200

8 Ordered             NCN-235-220 MPA

29                          Nomad 22/24 MPA

3 Ordered             NB 412SP

1                            NAS332

4                            NBO-105

3                            EC-120B


Notes: US DCSA announcement of potential acquisition of AGM-65K2 for use with F-16s announced in September. Taiwan offered Indonesia a squadron of F-5s in March. ShinMaywa sees potential requirement for Amphibian SAR. Indonesia has a 20 percent stake on South Korea’s KF-X programme. Aircraft to be based in Papua at Timika.


n Japan Air Self Defence Force

63/16                    F-2A/B, LM                                            continuing to work                              on refurbishing ac                                damaged by Tsunami                at Matsushima AB

80                          F-4EJ/EF-4EJ/RF-4EJ

153/45                 F-15J/DJ,                                                 potential AESA                                    upgrade to replace                               APG-63(V1)

4+38 Ordered      F-35A, est.                                              cost of $10b, Japan                            has warned unit                                   cost escalation                              could see                                               programme                                           cancellation, LoA                                              signed in June

4                            E-767 AEW

2+1 Ordered        EC225, in VIP role,                               3rd to be delivered in                          2015

1                            EC-1

13                          E-2C

10                          YS-11P/FC/NT/EA/                              EB

4                            KC-767, Boeing                                    may offer KC-46 for                          additional


30                          U-125/A

26                          C-1A/FTB, replaced                             by C-2

2+20 Ordered  C-2  development                     completion delayed                            until 2014

16                          C-130H/KC-                                          130H, planning on                              acquiring six more                               KC-130H ac from                       USMC surplus in                  $170m deal

5                            Gulfstream IV

19                          CH-47J

40+40 Ordered   UH-60J

13                          Beechcraft T-400

203                       T/XT-4

48                          T-7

n Japanese Ground Self Defence Force

5                            King Air 350/LR-2

6                            MU-2

75                          AH-1S

10                          AH-64DJP

57                          CH-47J/JA

111                       MD500

33+1 Ordered      OH-1

139                       OH-6D/J

174                       UH-1H/J, to be                                      replaced by UH-X

30                          UH-60JA

10+20 ordered    TH-480B, will replace                          OH-6 in training role

n Japan Maritime Self Defence Force

104                       EP-3C/OP-3C/UP-3C,                          replaced by P-1

2+10 Ordered      P-1 MPA, acquiring                               as many as 65 P-1

7                            US-1/-2, final                                         ShinMaywa delivered                         in 2011, potential                                requirement for                                           another ac

3                            YS-11T-A/M/M-A

4                            Learjet 36

7+7 Ordered        MCH/CH101,                                        ordered four                                        Northrop Grumman                            ALMDS                                                                 counter mine payload                        in 2012

10                          MH-53E

116                       SH/UH-60J/K

27                          King Air 90

9                            OH-6D/J

43                          T-5

6+9                       Ordered   EC135T2i


Notes: The UH-X programme is lead by Kawasaki heavy Industries with development completed by 2017-18, 1905Kg payload and room for 11 troops. Japan put $103m funding into Mitsubishi Industries led ATD-X stealth programme with 2014 for first flight. Japan unlikely to buy more than 40 C-2s. F-35s will be built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries at Nagoya with first ac built in 2017. Japan will study the acquisition of V-22 Ospreys in 2013.


n Lao People’s Liberation Army Air Force

25                          MiG-21PFM/U

1                            An-26

10                          An-2

2                            Ka-32

1                            An-74K-100

7                            Mi-8

11                          Mi-17

4                            UH-1H

4                            Z-9


Notes: Declining serviceability across the board.


n Royal Malaysian Air Force

13                          F/RF-5E/F-5F

8                            F/A-18D

18 Planned          MRCA

13/6                      Hawk 208/108

10+2 Ordered      MiG-29N/UB

18                          Su-30MKM

4 Ordered             A400M

14                          C-130H/H-30/T/KC-                           130

6                            CN-235-220M

1                            Falcon 900B

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