This is the February 2016 issue of Asian Military Review. This is not the latest issue.
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Table of Contents

  • Pulse: Thomas Withington’s regular column providing all of the latest news and analysis regarding events in the defence radio frequency domain.
  • Regional Militaries – Survival Instinct: Despite its small territorial size, Singapore has one of the most technologically-advanced militaries in the Asia-Pacific region. Alex Calvo examines the latest developments in the country’s armed forces.
  • Land Forces – Bolt to the Blue: Surface-to-Air Missiles are in high demand in the Asia-Pacific, Thomas Newdick explains, with several important ongoing programmes to this end.
  • Air Power – Taking a Helicopter View: Defence budgets in some parts of the Asia-Pacific are experiencing tough times, impacting the market for military rotorcraft, Andrew Drwiega explains.
  • Air Power – Air Force Directory: AMR’s ever-popular Air Force Directory returns, compiled by Thomas Newdick, giving the low-down on air power developments across the Asia-Pacific.
  • Land Forces – Sensors Working Overtime: Reducing a soldier’s workload and fatigue is integral to assisting their mission, and several soldier modernisation initiatives worldwide are assisting in this respect, Andrew White investigates.
  • Land Forces – Security Guards: The market for Internal Security Vehicles is growing in the Asia-Pacific, as nations seek vehicles capable of supporting both military and paramilitary operations, Stephen W. Miller finds out.
  • Sea Power – Guarding the Coasts: Dr. Alix Valenti takes the temperature of the Offshore Patrol Vessel market in the Asia-Pacific and finds these vessels in high demand from navies and coastguards around the region.
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