This is the April/May 2016 issue of Asian Military Review. This is not the latest issue.
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Table of Content

  • Pulse: Thomas Withington’s regular column providing all of the latest news and analysis regarding events in the defence radio frequency domain.
  • Regional Militaries – Vexing Questions: Malaysia faces both conventional and unconventional threats. Dzirhan Mahadzir examines how the country is meeting such risks in a fiscally-constrained climate.
  • Land Warfare – Soldier Modernisation: Modernisation of infantry soldier equipment, particularly concerning individual weapons, is afoot in the Asia-Pacific with Andrew White giving a round-up of the latest developments.
  • Air Power – Role With It: The market for new and upgraded multi-role combat aircraft is in rude health across the Asia-Pacific region, Joetey Attariwala finds out.
  • Land Warfare – Spot On!: Stephen W. Miller reviews some of the ongoing efforts to improve the precision of artillery fire to enhance its support of ground manoeuvre.
  • Land Warfare – The Hertz Locker: Thomas Withington examines some of the technical challenges presented to tactical radio engineers when designing such equipment for the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Sea Power – Cannon Fodder: Naval gunfire support is essential to naval and amphibious operations. Gerrard Cowan examines recent developments in this domain.
  • Land Warfare – Countering the Chemicals: Andy Oppenheimer examines the continuing weapons of mass destruction threat to the Asia-Pacific, and the measures being taken to combat it.
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