This is the June 2016 issue of Asian Military Review. This is not the latest issue.
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Table of Contents

  • Regional Militaries – Rumble Down Under: Mike Yeo takes us through some of Australia’s important modernisation efforts as the country overhauls her military.
  • Land Forces – Looking for Trouble: Reconnaissance vehicles can fill a multitude of roles, using several different design philosophies, Stephen W. Miller finds out.
  • Air Power – Synthetic Forms: The advent of fifth-generation fighters is pushing innovation in the flight simulator domain, with implications for the Asia-Pacific, Claire Apthorp explains.
  • Sea Power – Thousand Island Dressing: Corvettes remain in high demand in the Asia-Pacific. Dr. Alix Valenti profiles some of the major acquisition programmes ongoing in this domain.
  • Land Forces – The Connection Is Made: Andrew White examines ongoing efforts across the Asia-Pacific to modernise the Battle Management Systems.
  • Land Forces – Avoiding the Rocks and Hard Places: Satellite communications are incredibly versatile, but can be expensive to procure. Thomas Withington explains how commercial SATCOM provision helps reduce costs.
  • Security Threats – Web of Intrigue: Dr. Tom Smith investigates the challenges facing actors in the Asia-Pacific and elsewhere to protect against cyber warfare and cyber crime.
  • Pulse: Catch up on all the latest defence Radio Frequency news and analysis in Thomas Withington’s regular Pulse column.
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