Post Conference Press Release – Remote Healthcare Asia 2017


The Remote Healthcare Asia 2017 (RHCA’17) conference took place on 17 – 18 January 2017 in Singapore. The event ran in parallel with conferences on Undersea Defence Technology, Electronic Warfare and Military Training and Simulation at Marina Bay Sands.

Having launched for the very first time in Asia and with the support of the UK Defence Medical Services the conference quickly established itself and managed to draw the interest of healthcare practitioners from 14 different countries including the United Arab Emirates, Brunei, United Kingdom, France, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore and United States of America.

Focusing on the stimulation of sharing of information, international military medical evacuation and remote patient monitoring case studies from the United Nations medical warzone, field lessons in Kenya, delivery of the clinical education and medical supplies to remote Tongan villages were some of the event highlights.

As an inaugural event and with differing regional expertise in healthcare, this conference brought together over 70 individuals and provided a specialist learning and networking platform for many.

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