Rheinmetall’s Lynx


Rheinmetall is betting that the future in Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFVs) is in modular configurations with the concept of a common ‘base chassis’ designed to accept ‘mission modules’.

The firm first introduced this concept in 2006 via its Boxer multi-role eight-wheel drive armoured vehicles. This vehicle has since been fielded by Germany, Lithuania and the Netherlands, and has seen service in Afghanistan. In June 2016 at the Eurosatory exhibition held in Paris, Rheinmetall took the Modular AFV concept to a new level presenting the Lynx, a tracked version with mission modules that provide for an infantry fighting vehicle, and a range of other variants.

Lynx Rheinmetall
Rheinmetall’s Lynx with Australian camouflage.

In addition, the company has extended commonality between the mission modules of both the Boxer and the Lynx. The first military with the opportunity to realize the cost, training, support, and logistics benefits of this cross-application could be the Australian Army: The Lynx and Boxer have both been proposed for the Close Combat/Infantry Fighting Vehicle and Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle requirements of the force with both vehicles utilising the same Lance turret.