GE Outlines Asia-Pacific Marine Engine Developments

GE’s LM2500 gas turbines will equip the Royal Australian Navy’s ‘Hobart’ class destroyers. (RAN)

Worldwide General Electric (GE) has delivered over 1400 marine gas turbines servicing 35 navies on some 500 ship programmes.

According to George Awiszus, director of military marine marketing at GE’s marine solutions division: “We have an extensive history in (the Asia-Pacific) with engine sales and (a) proven record for service and support over the life of these gas turbines. GE has more than 100 gas turbines awarded each on Republic of Korea and Japanese ships, 20-plus in Australia and India, as well as engines serving Indonesia, New Zealand, the Republic of China, Thailand and other nations.”

The industry expert evaluated naval ship construction in the Asia-Pacific region as “quite active” with GE delivering marine gas turbines for programmes across the region, including for the Royal Australian Navy’s three ‘Hobart’ class destroyers (two LM2500 engines per vessel) and for the Indian Navy with GE awarded gas turbine contracts in 2016 for the ‘Project-17A’ class frigate programm which will include seven ships with two LM2500s equipping each vessel, with the first ship launch projected for 2020.

On the new technology front, in 2016 GE successfully completed a variety of fire tests on the new composite LM2500 marine engine enclosure and progressed with design updates on sensors and components. Mr. Awiszus concluded: “the design and component testing has verified to-date the stated 50 percent weight reduction in the enclosure as well as reduction in thermal heat rejection and emitted noise. We are in the process of preparing for full-scale prototype tests. (Moreover) the Module Modernisation Programme package (for the LM2500) intended to reduce engine weight and life cycle cost will be available in 2018.”