IMI Systems solutions extend modern naval capabilities


The naval arena of today is facing new complicated challenges that require improved fire capabilities and enhanced level of contribution to multi-brunch military operations.

IMI System’s developed a wide range of maritime solutions in order to help its customers to better address the challenges they are facing.

With more than 8 decades of experience in the development of artillery solutions and as a sole supplier of solutions to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), IMI Systems is positioned among the world’s leading companies in the development and manufacturing of fire-support systems in general, and advanced artillery solutions in particular.

The advanced artillery missile solutions IMI Systems recently offered to the Polish Ministry of National Defense consists of its LYNX multiple-launch rocket and missile launchers along with other types of innovative artillery rockets which are based on a similar configuration as its ground solutions, hence allowing the flexibility of using the entire inventory in place for different applications.

Asymmetric model for enhancing ground capabilities

Ground forces can be quite limited when it comes to attacking strategic targets deep in the combat zone while required to stay unrevealed.

In order to achieve a more powerful and accurate fire power while avoiding exposure and still provide wide fire cover, combat forces can use the asymmetric model where maritime vessels carry the payload to the target through the open sea with the backup of ground forces for minimizing threats.

Using the asymmetric military methodology facilitates an effective solution with environmental considerations and improved results.

Figure 1: TRIGON – Naval rocket/missile launcher – sea to land attack

Increased naval independence and value with Trigon

Designed to increase naval independence and enhance its value in joint multi-branch military operations the Trigon system is a precise Sea-to-Shore weapon system with a range of 150 km, up to 120 kg payload and accuracy level of 10 meters CEP.

Offering an easy and rapid deployment, day / night availability in every weather condition the Trigon system is a cost / effective, simple to operate and maintain solution, which incorporates a fixed elevation launcher that can be installed permanently or alternatively as an add-on mission module.

Each Trigon system’s launcher contains 2 pods with 4 EXTRA missiles in each for a total of 8 missiles per system. Its electronic components can be installed either under deck or above it in a dedicated mission module and its operation and control panel can be installed at the CIC. In case of above deck mission module system, the control panel is installed at a designated position.

The systems can be permanently integrated to the vessel or can be used as a mission module system in addition to or as a replacement of other system and its configuration can be customized according to the vessel size and operational demands in order to adjust system’s ability to carry more or less than 8 missiles as required, as well as to enable the use of variety of artillery rockets and missiles.

Figure 2: TRIGON – Two systems configuration with 16 EXTRA missiles

Comprehensive solution for small / medium size crafts

For small / medium size crafts IMI Systems offers the RDC (Rocket Delivery Craft) as a comprehensive system solution, which includes both the launcher and the vessel as a whole one system. With this solution vessels are tailored according to mission requirements and customer’s specific needs.

Figure 3: RDC with 6 EXTRA missiles

Becoming a key player on the battlefield

IMI System’s tactical and affordable weapon systems equip maritime forces with the benefits of strategic solutions:

  • Effective Sea-to-Shore weapon system.
  • Extended impact areas beyond traditional naval limitations.
  • Enhanced position in international waters, adding a new layer of intelligence and firepower whenever and wherever needed through an.
  • Increased independence, saving the need of air force support while improving resource allocation.
  • Amplifying Naval’s value in joint multi-branch military operations.
  • Expanded capability to better support Air Force ability to destroy radars and ground-to-air missiles’ launching sites.
  • Reinforced existing vessels’ potential through using each system as a module.

Maximizing potential across land and sea

IMI Systems’ naval solution portfolio developed based on extensive combat experience aiming to improve land forces’ fire power abilities and provide a new level of offensive and defensive capabilities while enabling the flexibility of free maneuvering across strategic locations.

About IMI Systems Ltd.

Established in 1933, IMI Systems (formerly Israeli Military Industries) is a defense systems house specializing in the development, production, marketing and implementation of end-to-end solutions for land, air, naval and homeland security (HLS) applications.

Globally recognized as a leading provider of combat-proven solutions for the modern battlefield, IMI Systems’ innovative artillery, rocket and mobility offerings incorporate extensive operational experience, advanced technologies and exclusive methodologies developed for the IDF, US Military, NATO nations and military and government agencies in over 70 countries. Today, more than 70% of all IMI Systems’ products are exported to customers around the world.

The company, which is wholly owned by the state of Israel, employs 2,900 personnel active in 6 business units: Armor, Infantry, Artillery, Air & Naval, HLS and Small Caliber Ammunition, alongside production, testing and laboratory facilities and two subsidiaries: the IMI Academy for Advanced HLS Training and the Ashot Ashkelon Industries aerospace solutions provider.