Moscow and Ankara have almost finished discussing the technical side of the contract for S-400: CEO Rostec Chemezov

Ministries of Finance of the RF and Turkey are discussing the possibility of providing Ankara loan for the purchase of S-400.

Russia and Turkey have almost agreed on all technical aspects of the deal on supplies of S-400 missile systems, according to CEO of Rostec Corporation Sergey Chemezov.

“As for the S-400 system, the discussions are going on, all the technical issues have already been agreed on, the current discussions refer to the financial issues, the Turkish side is seeking to get loan,” Chemezov stated during the briefing at the SPIEF 2017.

“I know that this issue (of the loan) was raised at the intergovernmental level, because only the government can give loan under the intergovernmental agreement. I know that the Russian and the Turkish Ministries of Finance did negotiate on this, but I am not aware of the outcome of the negotiations,” said the head of Rostec.

He did not answer the question on the number of S-400 sets Turkey wants to purchase. “The contract is not yet signed, so we are not going to discuss this issue yet,” said Chemezov.