Rosoboronexport Witnesses Interest in Russian Naval Equipment in South-East Asia and Latin America


Rosoboronexport, a member of Rostec, will take part at IMDS-2017 to log an eighth iteration to its track record of attendance at the International Maritime Defense Show. This year’s event, sponsored by the special arms exporter, is to take place at Lenexpo, St. Petersburg, in pavilions 3, 4, 7 and 8A (Harbor of Vasilyevsky Island) on June 28-July 2, 2017.

“Trade in naval weapons and equipment accounts for 12 percent of Rosoboronexport’s total sales. We work ceaselessly toward broader product range and supply footprint. Today, the greatest interest in Russian ships and weapons for them comes from South-East Asian states, i.e. Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines, as well as our traditional partners, Vietnam, India, and China. Besides, we are active in consultations with Latin American countries, including Uruguay, Peru, and Brazil,” says Deputy Director General Igor Sevastyanov of Rosoboroexport heading the company’s delegation at IMDS-2017.

The company exhibits at booth 701, pavilion 7 as part of Rostec’s joint exposition. Complementing the booth is a touchscreen terminal for two users integrated into a network of demonstration displays, capable of capturing pictures of physical models and providing on-line catalogs. The displays are deployed in the demonstration area featuring mock-ups of ships, missile and patrol boats, submarines, and other products.

Rosoboronexport will bring 200-plus pieces of military equipment to the exhibition. The arms exporter anticipates a keen interest of foreign customer in the Project 20382 Tigr corvette, Project 636 large diesel-electric submarine, ship-borne system of Yakhont cruise missiles, as well as Caliber-PLE (Club-S) and Caliber-NKE (Club-N) integrated missile systems.

Berthed at the marine passenger terminal and offshore will be some 30 ships, craft and vessels of the Russian Navy, Border Guard, and facilities participating at the show. These include the Project 12700 coastal minesweeper, Project 12150 Mangust high-speed patrol craft, Project 03160 Raptor patrol boat, Project 21980 Nakhimovets anti-sabotage craft, and Project 19920 large surveying motor-boat. All of them are top in the most-wanted list of Rosoboronexport’s partners.

Representatives of official foreign delegations and mass media will be invited to visit the Rzhevka range of the Russian Ministry of Defense to have a look at naval guns and small arms in action. In keeping up with a long-standing tradition the IMDS-2017 program is to include demonstration flights of the Russian Nights, Swifts, and Rus aerobatic teams.

The special arms exporter is resolved to fulfill a rather extensive business program on the sidelines of the exhibition. This is expected to include meetings with foreign delegations representing militaries and businesses of various countries all over the world.