Marines kill ISIS-link leader involved in ASEAN Hijacking

Marine personnel Philippines
Marine personnel of the armed forces of the Philippines. (Manila Live Wire)

On 14 August it was announced that Badong Muktadil, major figure in the ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) linked Abu Sayyaf group had been killed by members of the Philippine Marine Corps.

Mr. Muktadil was reportedly involved in the abduction of sailors and tourists. He was suspected of being responsible for the hijacking of MV Giang Hai, a Vietnamese merchant vessel near the Sabah border in February 2015. Mr. Muktadil was also responsible for the abduction of Taiwanese national Chan An Wei at an island sea resort in Sabah in November 2013.

The Philippine military said that when they spotted a Jungkong, a local speed boat, during a sea patrol. Upon approaching the speedboat, Mr. Muktadil reportedly attacked the patrol and he was killed by the Marine’s return fire. The Philippines security forces had an arrest warrant for Mr. Muktadil for his involvement in abductions and hijackings.

The Philippine navy identified the pirate leader as Badong Muktadil also known as Commander Muktadil, a sub leader of the ISIS-linked Abu Sayyaf Group who has pending warrant of arrest from Philippine security authorities for his involvement in maritime hi jackings and kidnappings at the border of Mindanao-Sabah.

by Noel Tarrazona