Thailand to receive new VT-4s by year end

Pakistan’s Al-Kahlid MBTs are close relatives of the VT-4 MBTs which the Royal Thai Army is expected to receive by the end of this year. (Wikimedia Commons)

NORINCO took advantage of a recent live fire demonstration in Inner Mongolia to showcase the VT-4 Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) destined to fill the Royal Thai Army (RTA) orders placed in 2016.

The VT-4s will replace the army’s ageing Cadillac M-41 Walker Bulldog light tanks stationed in Northern Thailand. Designed for export the VT-4 has a 125mm smoothbore gun with an automatic loader, a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun and remote controlled 12.7mm commander’s machine gun. An advanced fire control system includes a panoramic commander’s sight and day/night gunner’s sight with laser ranging and thermal imaging. The 1200 horsepower power pack offers excellent mobility for the 52 tonne vehicle. The first batch of 28 tanks is expected to be delivered later in 2017. In January the RTA commander, General Chalermchai Sittisat, suggested that the army was considering additional VT-4 purchases, as well as, pursuing broader defence equipment cooperation with China.

by Stephen W. Miller