Yong vehicles on track for ROK Army

K-806 armoured vehicle
The K-806 armoured vehicle is intended to be used for rear security tasks as part of an overarching modernisation of the ROK Army. (Hyundai)

Hyundai’s Yong wheeled armoured vehicles in development since 2012 for the Republic of Korea (ROK) Army are completing preproduction trials.

The vehicle is being provided in two versions: the K-806 which is a 16-tonne six-wheel drive vehicle and the K-808; an 18-tonne eight-wheel drive platform. Both use the same turbocharged 420-horsepower Hyundai engine with a seven speed transmission and an adjustable hydro-pneumatic suspension system, although the K-808 is amphibious.

Protection is provided to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation’s Standardisation Agreement Level Four, with provisions for add-on armour. Initially, each vehicle will be armed with a heavy machine gun in a an open top shielded weapon station, a 30mm autocannon could be accommodated in the future.

The vehicles will be fielded are part of a major ROK Army modernisation and reorganisation that focuses on use of manoeuvre. The K-806 is for rear security tasks while the K-808 is intended for frontline combat. Full production is planned for 2018 at a rate of 100 vehicles per year.

by Stephen W. Miller