Canada buys IAI’s ELM-2022A radar for Search and Rescue

This article is published in Show Daily 2017 - Day 1.


Israel Aerospace industries (IAI) was recently awarded a new contract by Airbus Defense & Space to supply 16 ELM-2022A maritime patrol radars. The Government of Canada is purchasing 16 C295 MSA aircraft from Airbus Defense equipped with advanced sensor systems to support Canada’s Search and Rescue (SAR) operations.

The ELTA Systems (an IAI subsidiary) ELM-2022 surveillance sensor will be installed on board the C295 MSA aircraft. It is a multi-mode radar for detection, localisation, classification, and tracking of targets over water and land in all weather conditions, day and night.

The ELM-2022 provides detection, tracking, classification and identification of maritime vessels in high sea states and low visibility conditions. The radar provides 360° azimuth and sector mode operation from an antenna located under the fuselage.

Missions served by the radar include maritime surveillance and EEZ patrol, maritime law enforcement and fishery patrol, air-to-air surveillance, air-to-ground (SAR and GMTI) intelligence, and reconnaissance and surveillance (ISR).

The ELM-2022 radars can be installed on a wide range of fixed-wing and rotary-wing, manned and unmanned aircraft with over 250 having already been sold to customers in over 25 countries.

IAI/ELTA’s family of X-Band multimode airborne maritime surveillance radars was designed for different airborne platforms. It includes the ELM-2022A (aircraft), ELM-2022H (helicopter), ELM-2022U (UAV), ELM- 2022ES AESA radar and the ELM-2022ML a lightweight airborne maritime surveillance radar.