EMTAN Launches the MZ-300

Defense & Security Thailand 2017


EMTAN KARMIEL LTD. – a leading manufacturer of small arms, guns, and weapons for military and law enforcement markets – launches The MZ-300.

The MZ-300 is a 7.62x35mm caliber, .300AAC Blackout automatic weapon available with optional barrel lengths of 9”, 11.5”, and 14.5”. It utilizes 5.56x45mm standard bolts and magazines without any alterations, and is an ideal solution for automatic and semi-automatic firing with short barrels and suppressors. The MZ-300 delivers greater terminal ballistics effects such as stopping power and reduced penetration, with an option of automatic firing with suppressors.

The 300BLK is a growing popularity in special operation units that are looking to utilize their 5.56 weapon platform while increasing the ballistic terminal effects of the projectile and have the option of a suppressed weapon firing subsonic ammunition in a constant and high rate of fire. – Ron Pollak, VP Sales & Marketing at EMTAN.

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Defense & Security 2017, Bangkok, Thailand, November 6-9, Israel Pavilion, Stand F-28