IMI Systems aims for Armour Upgrades


Israel’s IMI Systems is offering the company’s experience in upgrading armoured personnel carrier and fighting vehicles as well as main battle tanks (MBTs) at Defense & Security Thailand 2017.

The Royal Thai Army is an experienced operator of armoured vehicles, with large fleets of armoured personnel carriers and fighting vehicles (APCs and AFVs), as well as main battle tanks (MBTs). It currently maintains a large number of M113 APCs configured for a number of combat and support roles, as well as a considerable number of ageing M48 and M60 MBTs.

Although the army will be replacing a portion of its fleet with new platforms, a significant number of vehicles will be retained and in need of modernisation.

IMI Systems has a successful track record of upgrading M113 APCs around the world. For increased protection and survivability, the company’s upgrade package includes add-on ballistic protection, as well as soft- and hard-kill active protection systems. Firepower is enhanced with a remote controlled weapon station with armament options including 7.62mm, 12.7mm, and 40mm automatic grenade launchers. An improved power pack rated at up to 400hp and suspension system offers greater mobility over various terrain profiles.

The company is also offering an extensive suite of upgrades for the M60 MBT platform, with a stabilised 120mm smoothbore gun coupled to a modern fire control system and gunner’s sight providing greatly improved accuracy and lethal effects at all ranges.

Survivability is enhanced with modular applique armour as well as active protection options, while insulated stowage racks for ammunition as well as an automatic fire detection and explosion suppression system minimises damage to the vehicle’s internal spaces.

A new 1000hp power pack supported by rotary shock absorbers new final drives with superior durability is being offered for improved tank mobility.

While survivability, firepower, and mobility are important aspects of any military vehicle upgrade programme, IMI Systems believes that its ability to integrate these enhancements successfully is what sets the company apart from its competitors.

“Not only do we provide advanced solutions that meet international standards, we also believe in empowering our customers by transferring the technology so that they can be self-sufficient in the future,” said Gil Offer, deputy vice president marketing at IMI Systems.

“We also emphasize greatly on training operators and technicians so that they can fully leverage the capabilities provided by our upgrade solutions,” he added.

IMI Systems is also looking to deepen its relationship with Thailand, having already transferred technologies, expertise, training and machinery to set up an explosives factory in the kingdom that is presently producing advanced munitions for the Royal Thai Army.