Indonesian Marine Corps staged military training exercises with BTR-4M

Five amphibian APCs BTR-4M, supplied by Ukraine to Indonesia in 2016, continue to be successfully operated by the Marine Corps.

The Indonesian edition “Detik News” has published a special report on the exploitation of the latest Ukrainian APCs by Marine Corps. According to Marines, the main advantages of Ukrainian APCs are reliability, multi-purpose capability and ease of use.

During the sea trainings, Marines along with representatives of the BTR-4 developer Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau and supplier SFTE “SpetsTechnoExport”, have been conducting a special trainings to improve Marines practice of BTR-4 afloat maneuvering during high-waves.

Right afterward, at firing ground the crew of each BTR-4M hit successfully all targets at specified distances from a 30mm automatic gun ZTM-1 and 7.76mm machine gun PKT, that was quite a good showcase of accuracy rate of Ukrainian weapons. The Marine Corps Deputy Commander, who observed the trainings, was frankly impressed by the efficiency of the modern digital sighting and firing control system.

Visionary, there is very important for the Indonesian Marine Corps to operate a wheeled 8×8 formula APCs, which are fast, light, easy to maintain and operate at narrow asphalt routes. Moreover, after hundreds kilometers in mountainous terrains without any changes in the configuration they can not only overcome the water obstacles, but cross the sea on tens of kilometers as well.

Some media has reported about BTR-4 hull roll in the sea, but the military emphasizes that nothing similar takes place with the BTR-4M. Even during maneuvering on up to 1 meter waves, the movement of combat vehicles remained smooth and stable, BTRs with two types of combat modules immersed evenly in water without any vehicle hull roll or misalignment.

Upon completion of the training, the Marine Corps Deputy Commander entrusted gratitude to Ukrainian armourers for the production of a reliable equipment for Indonesia.

“SpetsTechnoExport” will continue to introduce the latest developments of the Ukrainian defense industry in international markets. BTR-4M for the Indonesian Marine Corps is a good case of a customized product for our specific partner: SpetsTechnoExport customized the standard configuration of BTR-4 to the requirements of Indonesian Marines. Other modifications of the BTR-4 will also be adapted and produced with the support and participation of our company”, – Pavlo Barbul, Director of SpetsTechnoExport said.

Should be noted that since the beginning of 2017, five BTR-4M have successfully passed all trial tests, participated in a 100-kilometer march in mountainous terrains. Following the results of those tests, a Protocol on performing functional tests was signed. The special committee of the Ministry of Defence of Indonesia has confirmed, that BTR-4M comply with all evaluation specifications of the Protocol and APC’s were accepted into operation by the Marine Corps.

The production and supply of five BTR-4M was managed within a framework of the contract, signed in early 2014 between the Ministry of Defence of Indonesia and Ukrainian state foreign trade company “SpetsTechnoExport” (trade company of the “Ukroboronprom”).

The BTR-4M has 8×8 wheel arrangement and is equipped with turbocharged 6-cylinder 11.9 liter Deutz diesel engine, that allows to develop 515 horsepower output at maximum 1800 rpm.

Two Indonesian BTR-4M are equipped with uninhabited combat turret BM-7 “Parus” with a 30-mm automatic gun ZTM-1, 30 mm grenade launcher and 7,76 mm automatic gun, “Barrier” antitank guided missile system. Other three machines have a combat turret with a 7,76mm automatic gun.

It’s a basic armored vehicle for equipping marine units and quick-reaction forces, fulfilling day-and–night missions under various climate conditions (operating temperature range from -40 up to +55 C), off-road, on hard-surface and in the sea.