This is the November 2017 issue of Asian Military Review. This is not the latest issue.
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November 2017 Issue includes:

  • Pulse Column: Radar, Electronic Warfare and Tactical Communications: Catch up on all the latest defence radio frequency news and analysis in Andrew Drwiega’s regular Pulse column.
  • Regional Militaries: Thailand’s Spending Free: The military government in Thailand is running a robust equipment procurement programme, from tanks to submarines, but is it coordinated?
  • Land Warfare: SATCOM on the move: Andrew White looks into the evidence of SATCOMs disruption, and what alternatives such as MANET might offer.
  • Land Warfare: Combat Systems for Future Soldiers: Andrew White profiles how soldier system development is set to change not only the look but also the individual performance of troops on the battlefield.
  • Sea Power: Amphibious Sustained Reach: Dr. Lee Willet examines the strategic significance of amphibious and logistical platforms.
  • Air Power: Mittens or Masters, Blue Magpies or Golden Eagles: David Oliver takes a look at the regional preferences when it comes to selecting a flight training aircraft.
  • Air Power: Keeping Them Flying and Effective: Andrew Drwiega takes a look at a selection of recent rotorcraft upgrades.
  • Strategic Analysis: Face-Off, Step Back: Beth Stevenson analyses the latest stand-off between China and India over Bhutan’s Doklam Plateau.
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