Jadara shows Quad RPG System

This article is published in our Show Daily 2017 - Day 1.


Jordainian company Jadara Equipment and Defence Systems is showcasing the latest variants of its RPG-32 Nashshab short-range weapon system at the Thailand Defense & Security 2017.

A complete Nashshab system comprises a two-piece modular unit that includes a sighting and firing unit and a missile container. The sighting unit can be fitted with optical day and night sights, while the missile container is re-usable and can support up to 200 firings.

The weapon has the ability to defeat modern heavy tanks and soft-skinned vehicles as well as fortifications and bunkers with two types of munitions: the PG-32V tandem-warhead high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) rocket and the TBG-32V anti-structure (thermobaric) rocket.

Jadara is also offering a 72.5mm sub-calibre rocket that is ballistically matched to the larger calibre operational round for training purposes, as well as an in indoor portable training unit using the standard launcher and sight unit.

Additionally an advanced variant of the RPG-32 Nashshab called the QUAD, which is a remotely operated system that can be equipped with a total of four grenade launchers, will also be shown. The QUAD’s control station can be positioned up to 300 metres away from the launcher for increased tactical flexibility. As the two units are linked via a wire, it is therefore impervious to jamming.

The QUAD’s electro-optical sighting system enables it to be operated at night and automatically corrects for windage and altitude. It can also be used to engage moving targets as it can calculate speed and distance to determine the aim point. It had be used either statically or as a vehicle-mounted system.