Leonardo’s Mod 3 Light Torpedo

This article is published in our Show Daily 2017 - Day 2.


Leonardo is showcasing its A244S/Mod 3, a light torpedo representing the latest evolution of the A244/S family of which more than 1,400 units in various versions have been sold all over the word.

It represents the latest upgrade of the internationally proven A244/S family, a lightweight torpedo in service with around 20 navies, designed to counter the threat posed by modern conventional and nuclear submarines, with anechoic coating and equipped with countermeasures.

It can be used in shallow and blue waters and can also navigate to useful depths (>600 meters) to oppose conventional threats, reaching speeds higher than 35kts. With its 2.75m length, the A244/S Mod 3 torpedo can be launched from any surface platform with a Shipborne Torpedo System or from an aircraft. The Shipborne Torpedo System is a comprehensive torpedo launching system featuring multi-torpedo capabilities. Thanks to modular hardware and software architecture, the system can be configured for the control, preset and firing of the MU90, the A244/s (any model) and Mk46 (any model) LWT, as well as a combination of different torpedoes. The A244/S Mod3 is fully remotely operated via the ship’s multifunction con­soles in the command centre.

A new and more powerful propulsion battery, with an increased number of cells and an electrolyte circulation system, ensures a higher top speed and a 50 percent increase in the endurance of the weapon. The introduction of an electronic controller allows a variable speed propulsion with further advantages in terms of endurance and hit probability. The acoustic performance of the A244/S in very shallow waters is now supported by an Advanced Digital Signal Processor module, to counter the latest and more sophisticated torpedo countermeasures.