Saab’s Airborne Trio Top-Bill in Thailand

This article is published in Show Daily 2017 - Day 2.

Saab JAS-39 Gripen C
A Saab JAS-39 Gripen C operated by the Royal Thai Air Force. (Saab)

Thai defense has long been one of Saab’s most significant global customers, and at Defense & Security 2017 it will display a range of solutions across the air, land and maritime domains with an emphasis on the Gripen fighter, airborne early warning, maritime patrol, command and control, ground combat, ground based air defense, training and simulation, communications, EW and radar systems.

At the heart of Saab’s stand will be the Gripen cockpit simulator, a resource that allows visitors to experience the full range of advanced, multi-mission capabilities delivered by the Gripen fighter. The Royal Thai Air Force has been a Gripen customer since 2008.

“Thailand is a very special partner for us. Together, we have been able to develop and deploy a complete system for national defence built around the Gripen fighter and Erieye AEW&C, all tightly integrated in a secure national command and control network that links air, land and naval assets in a uniquely Thai system. This net-centric capability puts the Thai armed forces in a league of their own and Thailand can be truly proud of what it has achieved,” said Tony Björklund, head of Saab Thailand.

“Saab has had a presence in Thailand for more than 40 years and we look forward to offering future enhancements and new technologies that will keep the Thai system safe, secure and fully operational for decades to come,” he continued.

At Defense & Security 2017 Saab products on display will include the multi-role Gripen fighter. Saab claims that the Gripen is the most modern air combat system available and is a future-proof answer to the growing need for effective, affordable 21st Century air power.

With Swordfish Saab claims it has redefined the concept of full-spectrum MPA operations. Swordfish can conduct the complete range of anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare missions, plus ISR, SAR and a host of other roles.

GlobalEye is Saab’s multi-role airborne surveillance system. Thanks to its new Erieye ER radar, advanced C4I and multi-mission capabilities, GlobalEye combines the roles of airborne early warning and control, maritime and ground surveillance all in a single platform.

GlobalEye – Saab’s revolutionary multi-role airborne surveillance system. (Saab)

Ground-based air defense and advanced radar systems are represented by Saab’s next-generation RBS 70 NG missile system and the new, lightweight Giraffe 1X air defense radar that combine which, when combined, represent a powerful force for ground-based air defense (GBAD).

Ground Combat Systems. Saab’s Carl Gustaf M4 and AT4 are the global benchmarks for mobile infantry firepower according to the company, and are constantly evolving to defeat new threats.