Simsoft Announces its New Simulation Framework


As weapon systems and platforms are becoming more sophisticated and advanced, the need for training staff and operators to use these systems and platforms effectively in short times is gaining more importance in the recent years.

The success of a military mission will be based on the trained personnel who makes critical decisions at uncertain and tough conditions. Simsoft has significant experience and expertise in providing simulation based training systems for defense and security users with challenges.

Simsoft has developed and installed hundreds of simulators being used by both well-known civil and military organizations. It has shown a remarkable progress in the last decade and has been awarded as one of the first 500 rapidly growing companies in European, Middle Eastern, and African countries.

Using the latest technology, Simsoft develops simulators and serious games offering effective and efficient training and immersive user experiences. With its hi-tech advanced simulation framework SimAll, Simsoft offers a wide range of simulators and simulations for different purposes such as driving, shooting, tactical and operational training and decision support. Simsoft Simulation Framework, SimAll makes it possible for the company to develop any simulator in relatively short time at competitive conditions. The main military products are; Convoy Simulator, Firearms Training Simulators, Border Security War Game Simulation, Crew Training, Anti-Air Gun Training, Marine/Bridge Training Simulators, Truck simulators, Bus simulators and Car Simulators. Simsoft has simulation based tactical and operational game-based simulation training systems for aircraft rescue and firefighting teams.

In recent years, Simsoft has developed and delivered simulator systems to some countries in South East Asia. It has gained significant capabilities and skills in especially war games and Simulators for military armoured vehicles.

Simsoft has started the development of its new generation SimAll 2.0 Framework using advanced Artificial Intelligence to make adaptive and evidence based training possible so that the training process will be more focused and individualized. Simsoft has been meeting with some possible costumers to be the initial users of this new technology in the DSA 2017 fair.