Thai C2 Drone Detection

This article is published in our Show Daily 2017 - Day 2.

Pragarn screen shot. (R V Connex)

R V CONNEX, a local Thai company with significant experience and technical expertise in the fields of defence, security and aviation, has plans to launch a premier command and control platform for the regional market at this year’s Defense & Security Exhibition, specifically designed for the purposes of drone detection and mitigation.

The Pragarn is claimed to be a leading-edge, future-proof and scalable command & control platform, specialising in the integration of third party devices for portable or fixed drone detection and countermeasure solutions. It can be installed in a variety of sites and requires little to no human interaction to operate. The system is said to improve alarm detection rates.

Because there is no one device that can detect 100 percent of drones, Pragarn’s modular and open architecture makes it agnostic to all external devices and systems, allowing for the integration of a wide range of drone detection devices and sensors alongside site-specific software customisation.

Pragarn allows the user to monitor, track, identify and respond to all drone activity via one single integrated platform, with unprecedented access to reports and analytics.

Alongside Pragarn, R V CONNEX also specialises in areas encompassing cybersecurity and aircraft upgrades, the development of C2ISR systems, EOD robots and UAVs, witnessed by its flagship Sky Scout UAS.