Thailand OPV Collaboration sets course for Future Projects

This article is published in our Show Daily 2017 - Day 4.

HTMS Krabi soon after launching.

HTMS Krabi is a Royal Thai Navy (RTN) offshore patrol vessel (OPV) built by the government-owned Bangkok Dock Company with design and technology transfer (TT) support from BAE Systems.

The 2,000 tonne ship was the first of two OPVs in the initial order and was the largest ship to be built in Thailand within only four years. The RTN has a total requirement for four OPVs of this class. As a result of the collaboration agreement for the type’s manufacture with BAE Systems, Thailand will be able to export OPVs to the region.

BAE Systems Naval Ships International Business Development representative in Asia Pacific, Clive Marchant, is confident that this ground breaking agreement with Thailand will lead to other contracts in the region. Following the ASEAN Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) promoted by Malaysia, members will be considering similar collaborative agreements for their future warship requirements.

The Thai OPVs were designed by BAE Systems which also built the hull while the local Bangkok Dock Company built the superstructure, installed the engines, radars and armament and internal equipment provided by local suppliers.

The Type 31E frigate is the next planned class of frigate for the UK’s Royal Navy (RN) with limited anti-submarine warfare capability intended to enter service in the 2020s, and its modular and flexible design and construction make it ideal for future export opportunities.

BAE Systems is also confident that the more advanced Type 26 Global Combat Ship under development for the RN will also have export potential and has been offered to the Royal Australian Navy for its requirement for nine advanced frigates for the next decade.