Trio combine for Drone Defence

This article is published in Show Daily 2017 - Day 1.

The Diehl Counter-Drone system. (Diehl Defence)

ESG Elektroniksystem und Logistik, Diehl Defence and Rohde & Schwarz have signed a cooperative agreement in the area of drone defense.

The companies want to coordinate their efforts even more closely and provide fully customised, bundled solutions based on their proven expertise in the fields of radar, radiomonitoring, electromagnetic countermeasures, command and control information systems and position mapping.

The Guardion drone defense system combines the scalable solutions customised to very specific customer requirements to reliably detect and defend against threats posed by the unauthorised use of drones against potential targets such as airports, industrial test sites, large plants, military sites and correctional facilities.

Guardion focuses on integrating electronic detection, verification and countermeasures and connecting them to a position mapping and command and control tool. The high-power electro-magnetics (HPEM) counter-UAS effectors from Diehl Defence, R&S automatic radio-contolled drone identification solution (ARDRONIS) from Rohde & Schwarz UK and the Taranis command and control and position mapping system developed by ESG have proven their capabilities in operational use.