CETC scans for Asia Pacific radar opportunities

This article is published in our Show Daily 2017 - Day 2.


China’s leading electronics and radar systems developer China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC) is eyeing opportunities to expand its regional customer base with its range of long-range air surveillance, counter-stealth, and weapon locating radars.

The company’s latest radar systems include the S-band phased array SLC-2E weapon locating radar (WLR), which is designed to support counter-battery missions against hostile artillery and rockets, as well as airborne threats with its air defence function.

For long range air surveillance, the company has developed the SLC-7 radar wthich operates in the IEEE L-band range of 1-2 GHz. The radar is claimed to be capable of detecting stealthy aircraft or unmanned aerial systems at distances of over 450 km with a high degree of success. It can also be used to track ballistic missiles.

Meanwhile, its new YLC-8B 3D surveillance radar operates in the ultra-high frequency range of 300 Mhz-1 GHz to detect and track aircraft that are over 500km away as well as missile threats out to ranges of over 700km.

CETC highlighted that these radar systems have been designed to be mobile and can be readily deployed with minimal set up and teardown times. The company is the primary supplier of advanced radar systems to the People’s Liberation Army.