DSTA and Boeing sign analytics collaboration agreement

Singapore’s Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) and Boeing signed a collaboration agreement (CA) on 6 Feb 2018 to co-develop and engage in research and experimentation in data analytics.

Signed by DSTA Chief Executive Mr Tan Peng Yam and Executive Vice President of The Boeing Company and President and Chief Executive Officer of Boeing Global Services Mr Stan Deal at the Singapore Airshow 2018, the CA paves the way for cooperation in the data analytics domain. By combining resources and knowledge to develop data-driven capabilities, DSTA and Boeing will gain insights into maintaining and supporting systems more effectively.

Both organisations will determine areas where the implementation of data analytics can make the most difference for the Republic of Singapore Air Force’s fleet of aircraft. The primary focus is on co-developing algorithms and models to allow the early detection of failures, facilitate diagnosis of problems, reduce downtime and improve availability of the aircraft.

Mr Tan said: “DSTA recognises the importance of building up and collaborating with an extensive network of industry partners. With the rapid pace of technological change, we will also need to increasingly harness commercial technologies and innovation to devise solutions to enhance Singapore’s defence and security, and optimise our limited resources. This collaboration was initiated when I met Ms Leanne Caret last year. This agreement presents exciting opportunities for both sides to leverage our engineering expertise to co-develop innovative data-driven solutions.”

“Boeing Global Services is working with customers to use the power of Boeing Analytics to forecast and provide solutions that reduce cost of sustainment, as well as to increase the overall effectiveness of operations. Boeing Analytics can leverage data to support solutions to bring significant improvements in operational readiness rates and reduction of flying hour costs, ultimately reducing overall ownership costs,” said Mr Deal.

The signing ceremony was attended by senior officers and staff from DSTA and Boeing.