RT presents the SkyStar 110 for the first time in Japan

The Israeli-based aerostat company RT LTA Systems Ltd. presented a live demonstration of its newest member of the SkyStar family, the patented SkyStar 110 micro-Aerostat system, in the SDF internal communication exhibition at Kurihama army communication system college, Japan.

The SkyStar 110 is a member of the SkyStar family of aerostats, which have already accomplished more than 1,500,000 operational hours worldwide, with availability of over 85% around the globe in any climate and weather. Skystar 110 is an ideal solution to deploy radio network in disaster area. It was presented carrying a radio communication payload.

The SkyStar 110 is a micro-aerostat system, designed to provide field commanders with real-time “over the hill” reconnaissance capability. Protected by patent, the system is compact, robust and can be transported, assembled, launched and operated by only two personnel after minimal training. Pickup truck transportable, the system can be assembled and launched in only 15 minutes, for a 1,500 feet surveillance range. SkyStar 110 Handheld Personal Ground Control Station (HPGCS) is a compact unit that can be worn over a protective vest or mounted on a tripod. The SkyStar 110 is operational under extreme weather conditions with low operational and maintenance costs. The SkyStar 110 can carry either surveillance or communication payload.

Rami Shmueli, RT’s CEO: “The patented SkyStar 110 micro-Aerostat system is an ideal solution for a large range of missions, including military, homeland security, law enforcement operations and Search and rescue missions. We were happy to present it in Japan at the SDF internal communication exhibition, as it is an ideal solution for deployment of radio network in disaster areas”.