Elbit Systems to Showcase at DEFEXPO 2018

Elbit Systems Ltd. will showcase a range of solutions at the upcoming DEFEXPO exhibition, set to take place in Chennai, India 11-14 April 2018.

Solutions displayed at the company booth (Hall 1 booth #1.1.3) and in the booths of Elbit Systems’ business partners represent a vast portfolio addressing the modern battlefield’s challenges. Among these are fixed and rotary-wing solutions, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and advanced solutions in the areas of Electro-Optics (EO), Electronic Warfare (EW), Command, Control, Communication, Computers & Intelligence (C4I) and munitions.

The following systems and solutions will be on display in the company’s booth:

Rotary and Fixed-Wing Aircraft Solutions

All-in-SMALL™ Is a cutting-edge, integrated EW suite in a single Line Replaceable Unite (LRU), with comprehensive, advanced EW capabilities. The suite can be effectively integrated with direct infra-red countermeasure (DIRCM) systems, thus enabling extremely fast hand-over from infra-red passive airborne warning system (IR PAWS) to DIRCM.


Emerald AES-210 (Multimedia presentation) is a modular airborne system that detects, identifies and locates ground-based airborne and ship-borne radars as well as communication emitters. AES 210 is designed to meet the full range of UAS tactical and strategic mission requirements, effective even in the most hostile scenarios.

Unified Self-Protection Suite for Fighter Aircraft (Multimedia presentation) includes the most advanced multi-spectral self-protection jamming capabilities in a single LRU. The system delivers market leading Direction Finding (DF) accuracy, identification and location of received signals, very high Probability Of Intercept (POI), and enables swift response. The suite is operational and deployed onboard fighter aircraft in modern air forces around the globe.

HPS – Helmet Pointing System is a proven solution for utility, multi-role, combat and maritime helicopters, operating on over 7,000 helicopters world-wide. The system features enhanced situational awareness including day & night color symbology and innovative line-of-sight technology. HPS provides an around-the-clock mission solution enabling flight in a degraded visual environment, improves flight safety, increases survivability and improves crew coordination.

The Indigenized Smart Glass Cockpit for helicopters suite combines the latest display capabilities and advanced avionics including a Primary Flight Display (PFD), digital map, navigation capabilities, flight management and Electronic Flight Bag (EFB). Elbit Systems’ extensive and successful experience in complex systems integration projects for a wide range of helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft enables efficient and cost effective integration of systems in numerous platforms. Our cockpit suite is a flexible, modular solution created to effectively perform under the harsh and demanding conditions created by low altitude tactical environments. The Glass Cockpit provides accurate, real-time information projected on the head-down and helmet mounted display enabling safer and more precise mission execution as well as greater situational awareness.

Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFVs) Systems

IronVision™ is a groundbreaking Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) system for AFVs that provides a 360-degree panoramic visualization of the surrounding environment. Integrated with critical mission data and enabling the crew to ‘see-through’ their vehicle’s armor in real time, IronVision allows fighting in “Closed Hatches”, while maintaining full situational awareness. Incorporating a layer of Elbit Systems’ patented ARTIST™ –Augmented Reality Integrated Training System into the IronVision HMD can serve as a ‘true-to-life’ training system that offers sophisticated, high-fidelity operational scenarios with extreme combat accuracy.


COAPS is an advanced, modular dual-axis stabilized sight for Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) and AFVs. Based on open architecture, it is easily adaptable to sensor additions/changes. COAPS facilitates long-range target acquisition day and night, in both stationary and mobile situations.

UT30 Turret provides combat-proven firepower for armoured personnel carriers; fully overhead without compromising troop safety, and encompasses a broad range of weapon systems, countermeasures and advanced electro-optics all developed in-house to deliver reliable, high performance on the battlefield.

Munitions Systems

LIZARD™ (Multimedia presentation) is a family of modular guidance kits offering the option of Laser-Seeker (LIZARD2 and LIZARD3) or dual mode (GPS/INS and Laser, LIZARD4) guidance. By converting general purpose bombs into smart munitions, Lizard increases the capability to counter any stationary or moving target, day and night, in all weather conditions. 

SkyStriker is a fully autonomous loitering munitions (LM) system capable of long-range precise tactical strikes. SkyStriker improves situational awareness and survivability by providing direct-fire aerial precision capabilities to maneuvering troops and Special Forces. A cost effective mobile platform, SkyStriker offers quick deployment and ease of operation.

EMA 40 BD BR is a 70mm air to ground rocket similar to the MK 40. It is a double based solid propellant rocket, aerodynamically stabilized by four fins, for use in tactical and training operations against surface targets.

EMA 66 BD BR is a 70mm air to ground rocket similar to MK 66. It is a double based solid propellant rocket, aerodynamically stabilized by three wrap-around retractable fins for use in tactical and training operations against surface targets, able to be launched from helicopters or airplanes. EMA 66 BD BR has a high level thrust and rotation, giving it enhanced stability and precision in the trajectory.

Rocket launcher LA 707 is developed to be used with 70 mm rockets (MK 40, MK 66 and similar) and is available for use with fixed (LA 707A) and rotary-wing(LA 707H) aircraft. The LA 707 provides low weight and easy maintenance coupled with high reliability operation. The LA 707 rocket launcher can be used in any aircraft fire control system using five-pin connectors.

Laser and GPS Guided Mortar Kit (LG2MK) provides the ability to convert existing 120mm standard mortars into pinpoint accuracy weapons, the LG2MK supports first shot hit with high probability and minimum collateral damage. Based on latest generation technologies, and conforming to new doctrine demands for lower manpower, higher firepower and excellent sensor-to-shooter performance, LG2MK is an advanced and affordable guided munitions solution for front-line infantry. 

C4I Solutions

PNR-1000 Part of the E-LynX™ family, the SDR PNR-1000 IP radio is the ultimate solution for armed forces who wish to provide their dismounted soldiers with advanced communication technology. The radio offers 64-member ad-hoc networking including automatic voice and data relay, significantly enhancing the soldier’s situational awareness and operational effectiveness. As the newest generation of personal networking radios (PNR) at the full NATO RF spectrum 225-512 MHz, the PNR-1000 is the lightest of its kind in the market.

GRX-8000 is the latest generation NATO Band IV, Dual Mode – High Capacity (HC) mode and Frequency Hopping (FH) mode line-of-sight broadband radio relay system developed by Elbit Systems. Designed to meet present and future tactical communications requirements, the software-defined radio relay system supports latest IP and legacy communications protocols (G703, EUROCOM and others). GRX-8000 is Jamming Resistant ECCM RR, enabling interference-free communications.

IRCS is a field-proven Integrated Radio Communications System enabling all echelons to communicate directly with anyone in the military network and beyond to the commercial and paramilitary networks. IRCS facilitates full interoperability across a broad range of radios and communications devices including VHF, HF and multichannel radios, LAN, WAN, PABX, satellite and cellular networks.

Weapon-Integrated Battle Management System (WinBMS™) is a networked integrated battle management solution enhancing the connectivity and coordination of maneuvering forces at the tactical level. Based on integrated sensor and weapon systems, WinBMS provides a full scale solution both at the task force level and within the armored combat platform, thereby increasing the combat effectiveness of the combined force within the dynamic battlefield. The WinBMS can be implemented on both modern and legacy platforms.

DOMINATOR™ is Elbit Systems’ well tested and operationally proven command and control suite for the dismounted force member. DOMINATOR is comprised of integrated hardware components, C4I applications and an advanced in-house developed load carriage system, interconnecting dismounted forces and providing superior situational awareness and a high level of command and control.

ETC is a ruggedized PC based tactical computer terminal, equipped with all types of communication interfaces and powerful display features providing situation awareness in combat. The tactical communication device embedded in the ETC is used together with the data communication software to enable communication over a vast selection of modern military media.

SMART Suite Is an End-to-end tactical C4ISR for dismounted forces and vehicles enabling mounted and dismounted forces to maintain the flow of tactical multimedia and data information over heterogeneous tactical networks (legacy, non-IP, IP, etc.), providing the complete application platform for any C4ISR requirement. Utilizing both standard and TIGER™ routing and data dissemination protocols, the routers generate a unified “Tactical Internet” for seamless communications across the entire chain of command.