Rosoboronexport and Almaz – Antey Corp. show innovation technology park to the delegation of Indian Ministry of Defence

During the ongoing visit to Russia, Director General (acquisition) Indian Ministry of Defence, Mr. Apurva Chandra attended the site of North-Western Regional Centre (NWRC) of the Almaz – Antey Corp., located in Saint Petersburg.

NWRC of the Almaz – Antey Corp. is a unique defence and industry innovation technological park uniting six leading regional enterprises of the Corporation within the single territory: “GOZ Obukhovskiy Zavod” JSC, “ZRTO” JSC, “KBSM” JSC, “RIRV” JSC, “VNIIRA” JSC, “Zavod Navigator” JSC.

“Only a few countries nowadays have know-how and technical capabilities required for development and production of all the most up-to-date air defence systems and complexes. Russia is a leader in this field. The scientific research, production and laboratory testing base in Saint Petersburg offers further confirmation of it. I am glad to be able to visit your centre and get acquainted with its production line, equipment and test chambers. For the Indian Armed Forces, which has operated the Russian air defence facilities for half a century, it is important that the Indian sky is protected with the most up-to-date and reliable systems in the world,” – Apurva Chandra stated.

“Russia is ready to supply widest range of armament and military equipment for the air defence forces of India, including anti-aircraft missile weapon systems and electronic warfare systems, equipment connected with them, defence systems for the most important objects and large administrative centres, as well as many other items. And the Russian defence complexes against aircraft and missiles have been successfully tested in real conditions of large-scale warfare, proving themselves to be efficient weapons for confident undertaking of the most challenging operations,” – stressed Alexander Mikheev, Director General of Rosoboronexport.

“Air defence systems are the most elaborate articles, involving dozens of our enterprises in production. They use their exceptional, virtually monopoly competences, – Deputy Director General of Almaz – Antey Corp., Director of the North-Western Regional Centre Mikhail Podvyaznikov clarified the point. – We are proud to constitute inseparable part of the Russian-Indian military-technical cooperation and will participate in its continuous development as widely as possible”.

The Indian delegation during its visit was given acquaintance with serial production of Russian military equipment created on the NWRC premises. Besides, specialists of the enterprise demonstrated for the guests several variants of equipment tests in various climatic and environmental conditions in the modern test operations centre.

Almaz – Antey Corp. has implemented three large investment projects on creation of new plants for production of modern samples of the Corporation equipment so far. One of them is in Saint Petersburg, on the territory of Obukhovskiy Plant. The NWRC enterprises are provided with state-of-the-art production facilities, where advanced methods and manufacturing processes have been put in place.