IAI’s RAMTA Named “Elite Supplier” for 2017 by Sikorsky

Nitzan Shaked, general manager of RAMTA and Eli Uliel, head of composite materials administration, during the Elite Supplier Ceremony at Sikorsky.

The RAMTA Division of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) was named “Elite Supplier” for 2017 by aircraft manufacturer Sikorsky. Back in 2003, IAI developed a unique solution for a challenge posed by Sikorsky: reducing the weight and the price of the horizontal folding stabilizers for Black Hawk (UH60M) aircraft by 20%. Since 2002, RAMTA has been the sole provider of this product for Sikorsky, winning follow-up contracts for 10 years.

The horizontal folding stabilizers for Black Hawk (UH60M)

The prestigious award was presented to IAI RAMTA at a ceremony held recently at Sikorsky facilities in the USA by Mr. Dan Schulz, president of Sikorsky. Mr. Schulz emphasized IAI’s impressive compliance with the high standards, which the Company demands from its suppliers, including quality, timetable, special requirements and attractive pricing. “RAMTA was inducted today to an exclusive club of our few Elite Suppliers,” said Mr. Schultz. “The companies that comprise this club receive additional opportunities to partner with Sikorsky in additional projects.”

Nitzan Shaked, general manager of RAMTA, commented, “We are proud to belong with the 19 leading companies that were awarded the prestigious Elite Supplier title from Sikorsky and look forward to standing on the same podium for next year’s “ELITE” suppliers prestige class announcement. RAMTA has optimized the production processes and product quality many times over the years. We commit to pursuing this road in the future too, in order to support our customer’s requirements and needs, as we do for all of our customers.”

Located in Beer Sheba, RAMTA specializes in re-designing metal aircraft parts and their manufacturing from composites in order to drive down the costs and achieve significant weight reduction. In addition, RAMTA specializes in marine platforms, specifically fast patrol boats of varied sizes, including the historic Dabur boats and today the Dvora which serves as the backbone of Israel’s Navy; and in land platforms with families of armored vehicles and systems that help forces address mines and IEDs.