Tokyo Olympic Games are just around the corner and both organizers and authorities are wracking their brains regarding public safety solutions. With an estimated 40 million visitors for the Olympics, it’s no mean feat. The challenges are great: beyond the standard mass event safety precautions, modern times have greatly increased security threats – new hostile capabilities are cropping up almost daily, and it’s important to try to both predict and prevent such events.

Being well informed of all existing technology and equipment to tackle the threats is crucial and there is no better opportunity than at ISDEF Japan. The show brings together global providers from the security and HLS spheres, offering a unique platform to exchange knowledge, and see the latest equipment and technology available today.

Be it cyber-security, combat gear, anti-UAV systems, forensic vehicles or non-lethal riot control solutions – whatever your threat, the show will have a solution at hand. Not only that, but vendors will have an excellent opportunity to “compare notes” and strike cooperation which will benefit all parties.

Many high ranking officials from Defense and Law Enforcement authorities will honor the show with their presence. The surrounding countries in the region will send their high ranking delegations to the show, acknowledging the value it brings to them. Asia is experiencing uneasy times, what with all the geo-political tribulations, some of them involving world super-powers. They have to be prepared for any eventuality.

Despite the pretext of the show being Tokyo Olympic Games, it comes up as a great opportunity to showcase the most advanced solutions to address universal security and emergency issues. And bringing all of that to Tokyo rendering it accessible and available to many potential customers whose geographical remoteness makes the penetration challenging.

The complexity of the modern security threats demands an over-all comprehensive solution – from cyber security, to forensic and border control vehicles, over to mass event protection & emergency evacuation, sensitive information and critical infrastructure safety – which is offered by ISDEF Japan, positioning it as a comprehensive and holistic platform providing 3600 coverage for all todays security needs. All decision makers – be it government or enterprise – appreciate saving time and costs by finding all their requirements in one place.

In addition, ISDEF Japan will feature live demonstrations of exhibitor’s products and services, the chosen venue – Todoroki Arena – has been singled out for that reason specifically – its size and shape allows the exhibitors to showcase in real time how their solutions perform when installed.

All in all, judging from the registration, the event is destined to be a resounding success.

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