NATO Forces deployed Elbit Systems’ Seagull USV during a Joint ASW Exercise

Elbit Systems Ltd. confirms that its’ Seagull™ Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) was deployed by NATO forces in a recent joint Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) exercise. The ASW force included the Spanish Navy’s Santa Maria-class frigate “Victoria”, the Royal Navy’s Type-45 HMS Duncan as well as the Seagull USV.

Having a far greater endurance than ASW helicopters often used in similar missions, the Seagull USV performed anti-submarine area sanitization as well as the ASW forward picket force, providing longer time on station, yielding persistent detection and contact maintenance capabilities.

In addition to its ASW capabilities, the Seagull features  a plug and play, modular mission payload suite and can perform Mine Counter Measures (MCM) missions, Electronic Warfare (EW), Maritime Security (MS), Hydrography and other missions using the same vessel, a mission control system and data links. Seagull provides navies with a true force multiplier, delivering enhanced performance to naval operations, reducing the risk to human lives and dramatically reducing procurement and operating costs.