This is the November 2018 issue of Asian Military Review. This is not the latest issue.
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Editorial Topics:
  • Sea Power: Frigate and Destroyer Programmes in Asia-Pacific: China’s naval expansion has sparked a new urgency in the number of frigate and destroyer programmes being launched, as Tim Fish discovers.
  • Land Warfare: The Rise Of Truck Mounted Guns: Truck mounted guns are far from the ‘poor man’s artillery.’ Stephen W. Miller talks through the advantages of such systems.
  • Asia-Pacific Naval Directory:  Dr. Lee Willett presents an analysis of naval strengths and trends within Asia-Pacific.
  • Air Power: Refreshing the EW Spectrum:  David Oliver visits MASS to see how military specialists are improving their electronic warfare skills and techniques.
  • Air Power: Persistent C4ISR Ambition:  Justin Bronk explains the growing need for national Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance assets.
  • Air Power: Oceanic Surveillance:  David Oliver casts an eye over the region’s acquisition of maritime patrol aircraft.
  • Land Warfare: Blurring the Lines: Infantry Fighting Vehicle or Armoured Personnel Carrier? Stephen W. Miller analyses the differences – and similarities.
  • Regional Militaries: Indonesia Defence Update: The modernisation of Indonesia’s armed forces is under way. Editor Andrew Drwiega reports.
  • Analysts Column: Taiwan’s Cruise Missile Deterrent Strategy: Columnist Ben Ho analyses Taiwan’s cruise missile defence strategy against China.
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