Rosoboronexport organizes Russia’s largest display in 2018 at Airshow China


Rosoboronexport (part of the Rostec State Corporation) organizes a joint Russian display at the China International Aviation & Space Exhibition 2018 (Airshow China 2018), which will be held from November 6 to 11 in Zhuhai, China.

“Russia was among the first to respond to the invitation of the Chinese side to take part in debut Airshow China held in 1996. By 2018, the exhibition along with Russia’s MAKS has entered the top five largest aerospace shows in the world, and Rosoboronexport notes with great pleasure its enormous influence on global trends in world aviation. Today Russia’s display in Zhuhai is one of the most representative and large-scale of all international exhibitions with our participation,” said Rosoboronexport’s Director General Alexander Mikheev

The joint Russian display at the exhibition covers an area of ​​about 1,500 square meters. Fourteen largest Russian developers and manufacturers display their products for the air force, air and space defense forces. Among them are Russian Helicopters, Almaz-Antey Group, United Engine Corporation, United Aircraft Corporation, Radio-Electronic Technologies Concern (KRET), Tactical Missiles Corporation (KTRV) and Roscosmos State Corporation. In total, the Russian companies will showcase more than 200 pieces of armaments and military equipment to their guests.

Over 100 military products, mainly for the Air Force and Air Defense Force, which are particularly popular in the Asia-Pacific Region, are exhibited on the Rosoboronexport booth.

The Su-35 multipurpose super-maneuverable fighter, the MiG-29M/M2 multifunctional fighter, the Su-32 fighter-bomber, as well novelties from Rosoboronexport’s catalog, the Ilyushin Il-78MK-90A tanker and the Ilyushin Il-76MD-90A military transport aircraft, are considered to be the most promising Air Force weapon systems in the region. Russia’s helicopters, in particular, the Ka-52 scout/attack, the Mi-171Sh military transport, and the Mi-35M transport/attack helicopters generate keen interest in the region.

A demonstration tour of Mi-171A2 and Ansat helicopters across the Southeast Asian countries starts at Airshow China 2018. The tour is conducted by Russian Helicopters with the support of Rosoboronexport. Visitors and exhibitors in Zhuhai will be able to see the capabilities of these machines and ask any questions about their technical and operational characteristics to representatives of both Russian companies.

Much attention at the exhibition will be paid to air defenses. Rosoboronexport will show the bestsellers for this branch of the armed forces on its booth: the S-400 Triumph long-range air defense missile system, the Tor-M2E SAM system, and the Verba MANPADS. In addition, the Buk-M3 Viking SAM system, the newest addition to the line of the famous Buk SAM systems developed by the Almaz-Antey Group, is showcased in Zhuhai for the first time in the framework of international exhibitions. According to experts, it is a potential leader in the segment of medium-range air defense systems.

During Airshow China 2018, Rosoboronexport has scheduled a large-scale business program, including meetings with the leadership of the armed forces of China and other countries of the Asia-Pacific region. The Company is ready to make presentations for interested foreign customers on all its exhibits.

“Rosoboronexport expects that participation in the exhibition will give further impetus to the positive trend in Russian-Chinese relations in the field of military-technical cooperation. Today, our strategic partnership is unique: China has become the first foreign customer of the world’s best S-400 air defense missile system and advanced Su-35 aircraft. In addition, we are building up cooperation in the field of joint high-tech R&Ds. I am very pleased that any attempts by third countries to interfere in relations between our countries have not produced the desired effect and are rightly perceived by China as an element of unfair competition,” said Alexander Mikheev.