Yonca-Onuk highlights latest high-speed Attack Craft

Published in Show Daily 2018 - Day 2


Yonca-Onuk JV, an Istanbul-based shipbuilder, is showcasing its latest range of high-speed attack craft at IDEAS 2018.

The company will highlight the MRTP20 Improved Fast Intervention Craft, which has a 22.55 metre long hull that is constructed from advanced composite material. Powered by customer specified twin diesels with power outputs ranging from 800-1,800kW, the craft can attain speeds above 60 knots and a range of more than 350 nautical miles (nm). It can accommodate up to five boat crew members as well six mission specialists.

The MRTP24/U Special Operations Craft is an improved MRTP 20 designed for a variety of special forces tasks including anti-terrorist, anti-piracy, and anti-smuggling operations. It features a 26.3m long advanced composite hull with a stern ramp for launch and recovery of inflatable boats. Powered by twin diesels rated at up to 1,929kW and propelled by water-jets, the craft can achieve speeds of up to 54kts and travel for more than 500nm. Up to 16 fully equipped special forces operators can be accommodated, while an ASELSAN stabilised turret with a 25mm or 30mm calibre gun provides close-in defence.

Yonca-Onuk has also developed the MRTP24 Fast Attack Craft, which has comparable physical and performance characteristics as the Special Operations Craft but instead optimised for improved endurance and firepower, with a two-day operational capacity and carrying an ASELSAN stabilised turret with a 25mm or 30mm calibre gun on the foredeck, a STAMP 12.7mm remote weapon station at the stern, and a short-range surface attack or air defence missile system.

For long-range interdiction, the company is offering the MRTP49 Fast Attack/Missile Craft, which has a 52m advanced composite hull and is powered by a diesel or combined diesel and gas (CODAG) propulsion system. This enables the craft to achieve speeds of up to 60kts and a range of 2,000nm. It also packs firepower that belies its size, with a 40mm gun mounted in a stealth cupola, ASELSAN remote weapon stations at the stern, as well as a short-range surface attack or air defence missile system.