Guidance Systems available for Roketsan’s 122/300mm missiles

Published in Show Daily 2018 - Day 3


Roketsan has added guidance capability to its 122mm and 300mm rockets, following a five-year design, development and qualification phase.

The TRG-300 TIGER missile was delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces in November 2016. With a minimum range of 30km and a maximum range of 120km, TIGER, is guided to its target using a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) aided Inertial Navigation System (INS).

With its fragmentation (steel ball) warhead and proximity fuze, the missile can intensively and effectively cover critical point targets. At a range of 120km, its efficiency was proven during qualification tests conducted by the Turkish authorities.

The TRG-122 TIGER missile can effectively strike at targets from a minimum range of 18km out to a maximum range of 33km. It can be fitted with a high explosive (HE) warhead, HE-Fragmentation (steel ball) warhead and HE and HE-Fragmentation (steel ball) warhead.

Roketsan has developed systems that are capable of launching different types of rockets and missiles from the same platform. The T-107/122Multi-Caliber and Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher (MBRL) can fire 3×20 rounds of 107mm rockets or 1×20 round of 122mm rockets/missiles, using sealed and thermally insulated rocket pods.

The T-122/300 MBRL System can be equipped with a 122mm 2×20 tube or 300mm 2×2 tube sealed pod. Both systems are capable of automatically identifying the type of pod placed in their multi-purpose cradles.

The pods offer minimum reloading time and maximum protection against adverse environmental conditions for the missiles and rockets placed on them. The configured systems on the 6×6 or 8×8 tactical wheeled vehicles include all the required sub-systems to launch missiles and rockets with high precision to their targets.

In addition to the innovations on its own artillery rockets, Roketsan can also develop tailor-made multiple cradle launchers for foreign customers.

“We are continuing to add new capabilities to our systems, which we have developed with the aim to cover the critical targets under fire quickly and effectively, by amending them in line with technological developments and our customers’ requirements, said Selçuk Yaşar, president and CEO of Roketsan, adding that the company continues to support all of its customers without imposing any export or usage restrictions on its products.