This is the December 2018 issue of Asian Military Review. This is not the latest issue.
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Editorial Topics:
  • Sea Power: Submarine Close Encounters: Tim Fish reports on the perceived importance of owning submarines in Asia Pacific.
  • Air Power: Understanding Defensive Aid Suites: Protecting aircraft through countermeasures is a continually evolving skill. Peter Donaldson investigates.
  • Air Power: Keeping Faith with Light Close Air Support: David Oliver looks at the aircraft being selected to provide kinetic support to land forces.
  • Land Warfare: Night Vision: Thermal Imaging to Image Fusion: Stephen W. Miller peers into the ever clearer world of night vision and thermal imaging systems.
  • Cyber Warfare: A Global Weapon: Angus Batey discusses the fall-out from three cyber attacks that often ended with greater consequences than intended.
  • Regional Militaries: Modernising The Philippines Armed Forces: Andrew Drwiega looks into Horizon 2 of the Philippine armed forces 15 year modernisation plan.
  • Analysts Column: Philippines Insurgency concerning but controlable: Columnist Anthony Davis examines the insurgency within the Philippines.
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