WB Group shows secure comms and mini/tactical UAVs

Published in Show Daily 2018 - Day 3


Polish WB Group is presenting a demonstration of its Fonet and Topaz systems together at IDEAS 2018, together with its UAV technology.

Fonet is a digital vehicular communication and command platform, with over 6,000 systems deployed globally including within the US Army where it is more commonly known as RF7800i. It has also been used by the Polish Army since 2001 (and deployed on 1,500 vehicles), the Swedish Army since 2003 and the Hungarian armed forces since 2004. In 2016, an office was established in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as the Malaysian Army made a decision to acquire Fonet.

Topaz is an integrated combat management software with all functions for the modern battlefield. Every command post is equipped with a ruggedised computer, allowing for commands to be given without the need for a spoken order. The Topaz system has been deployed by the Polish Armed Forces for over 15 years as well as with multiple foreign customers.

Recently the WB Group has established a presence in North America looking to serve both that market and South America, as well as contributing towards Foreign Military Sales (FMS) programmes.

The core defence business sectors of the WB Group include C4ISR, fire control solutions, combat system integration, UAVs and battlefield communications solutions.

In terms of UAVs, WB Group offers its Flyeye – a mini class UAV with a 30km+ range and which has been used by the Polish Army since 2010 and the Ukraine Army since 2014. The later FT-5 tactical UAV has the capability to be armed.

Since 2018, the Polish government has had a 24 percent stake holding in the WB Group.