Registration Opens for the Only Armoured Vehicles Conference in the World focused Exclusively on Weapon Systems


SMi reports: The 4th annual Future Armoured Vehicles Weapon Systems conference is set to return to London on 5th and 6th June 2019.

As armoured vehicles are required to operate across diverse environments and against varying enemy forces, they need to be able to deliver the firepower required to eliminate these adversaries.

Modern armoured vehicles continue to rely on a myriad of weapon systems to deliver the lethality required to achieve their mission objectives.

For this reason, SMi Group are delighted to present Future Armoured Vehicles Weapon Systems (FAVWS) conference, taking place on the 5th-6th June 2019 in London.

The two-day conference will provide attendees with the latest insights and developments on the weapon systems and firepower capabilities of next-generation armoured vehicles. Experts from the most forward-thinking nations will provide detailed analysis and overview of cutting-edge weapon and large calibre ammunition systems, and how they are revolutionising mounted close combat lethality.

FAVWS 2019 will bring together, not only senior military personnel to network, but also leading technical directors and engineers from industry and senior military experts to update attendees on the latest developments in armoured vehicle weapon systems and fire power.

This year’s conference highlights include:

  • Keynote briefings from senior managers from leading armoured vehicle programmes across the NATO aligned world – including updates and exclusive technical briefings on next generation weapon systems within key US, Turkish, French and Dutch programmes including: ABRAMS, JAGUAR, ALTAY and the Turkish M60 upgrade
  • A unique emphasis on developing versatile lethality capabilities by exploiting open electronic architectures and a modular approach to weapon system integration – with a key focus on main battle tank weapon systems, anti-tank guided missile integration, cased telescoped ammunition, and beyond-line-of-sight firepower
  • Focused and high-level discussions featuring technical managers and project engineers from both military and industry – with host nation technical briefings and insights into firepower of the future from ATDU and DSTL – UK MoD
  • Generate knowledge and expertise following recent procurement processes – from the perspective of senior decision makers from international militaries and industry personnel

Now in its fourth year, the conference provides the ideal platform for a high-level meeting between key military personnel involved in munition and armament systems for armoured combat vehicles, and leaders from the most forward-thinking NATO-aligned military nations.

There is an Early Bird saving of £400 expiring at midnight on Thursday 28th February 2019. To find out more information and to register for the conference visit

The conference is proudly sponsored by Leonardo and CMI Defence.

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