Powering Government Aircraft Missions with Reliable Ku-band Connectivity


While reliable inflight WiFi is quickly becoming a ‘must have’ for commercial air travel, the need for uninterrupted connectivity to small mobility terminals supporting mission critical applications has long been an indisputable and unnegotiable requirement for government aviation.

Whether responding to an emergency situation, running an ISR operation or executing other mission-critical activities, the importance of secure, reliable, global connectivity cannot be overstated for government aircraft and must remain a top priority to ensure the safety and success of any mission.

For today’s government and military aircraft, the demand for inflight connectivity at high data rates is growing rapidly, and high throughput satellite (HTS) connectivity has become an essential aspect of ensuring successful satellite communication at these heightened rates. While many incorrectly believe that HTS systems only work in Ka-band, the significant benefits of HTS can be applied to any frequency. In fact, Ku-band offers certain advantages when it comes to delivering uninterrupted connectivity, such as being less susceptible to disruptions caused by rain. The depth of coverage offered by Intelsat’s more than 50 HTS and wide-beam satellites ensures resiliency and redundancy in Ku-band that is simply unavailable in Ka-band.

Intelsat General’s FlexAir solution delivers a global high-performance Ku-band satellite network managed by Intelsat General and sold through solutions partners. It is the first commercially offered Ku-band network optimized for the 45cm-equivalent antenna used by government aircraft, and it’s equipped to deliver up to 10 times the data throughput of other global managed networks. Designed for aircraft with high-performance requirements, FlexAir delivers an affordable, flexible, secure and powerful way to stay connected, anywhere in the world, in any conditions. Key benefits of the platform include:

  • Higher performance and efficiency with lower cost per bit
  • A range of antenna options, allowing for choice across manufacturers
  • High-throughput optimized for smaller terminals and aviation applications
  • Enhanced interference mitigation due to spot-beam technology, diversity and advanced digital payload

Executing a successful government or military mission demands superior organization, cooperation and precision. Reliable, secure connectivity must be a given; any gap can easily put the mission – and even the lives of those involved – at risk.

To learn more about the benefits of a Ku-band network and how FlexAir can help power your government aviation needs, visit our FlexAir Resource Center.