This is the June/July 2019 issue of Asian Military Review. This is not the latest issue.
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Editorial Topics:

  • Air Power: Precisely on Target: Precision guided munitions have evolved to allow virtually all nations to deploy them instead of ‘dumb bombs’, says Alan Warnes.
  • UAV Directory: Asia-Pacific UAV Directory 2019: AMR’s annual round-up of unmanned aerial vehicle ownership within the Asia-Pacific region. Research by JR Ng.
  • Land Warfare: Battlefield Taxis with Attitude: Stephen W. Miller reviews a selection of light utility vehicles for soldiers who need small, speedy and adaptable transport.
  • Air Power: Sweeping the Skies: Jon Lake takes a look at the increasing need for long-range airborne surveillance.
  • Air Power: Optics for the Eye-in-the-Sky: Michael J Gething examines sensors currently suitable for aerial surveillance aircraft described in Sweeping the Skies.
  • Regional: Vietnam’s Catch Up Challenge: The Vietnamese armed forces are intent on modernising their 1970s era equipment. JR Ng reports.
  • Analyst Column: The Strategic Utility of Diego Garcia: Columnist Ben Ho takes a look at a new United Nations ruling that could impact ownership of Diego Garcia.
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