Israeli Defence Forces announced to present at Future Armoured Vehicles Survivability 2019

3D graphics showing the Carmel next generation combat vehicle of the Israeli Defence Force.

The Israel Ministry of Defense (MoD) unveiled on 4 August a new armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) concept, dubbed Carmel, that uses artificial intelligence (AI), autonomous capabilities, and enhanced situational awareness to achieve new levels of battlefield effectiveness.

The goal of the programme is to reduce the number of onboard personnel in AFVs like the Merkava tank from four to two and enable them to operate under closed hatches, with the vehicle driving itself, detecting threats in real time, and providing recommendations to the crew on critical decisions.

The vehicles will also be able to control unmanned air and ground vehicles, as well as operate as part of a network that builds a shared picture of the battlefield and co-operate to efficiently engage targets.

Learn how the Israeli Defence Forces (name withheld for security reasons) are enhancing armoured vehicle survivability at SMi’s 5th annual Future Armoured Vehicles Survivability taking place between the 12th and 14th November 2019. They will present an exclusive briefing on ‘Israeli Adoption and Fielding of Active Protection Systems’. The presentation will cover: The roadmap for future armoured vehicle APS in the IDF; Operational concepts for fielding APS; Adapting systems for different platforms and Lessons learned from operational analysis of APS.

Other military nations presenting at the three-day event include the UK, Australia, the US, Czech Republic, Turkey, Romania, Sweden, Norway and many more.

As the only armoured vehicle conference dedicated to the area of survivability, the 2019 event will gather programme managers, capability directors, and commanders from the military, and senior engineers, chief scientists, and platform managers from leading solution providers to discuss what nations are doing to protect their armoured vehicles and their personnel.

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