S. S. White Technologies celebrating its 175th Year as The Dominant Supplier Of Superior Designed Flexible Rotary Shafts


S. S. White Technologies is celebrating its 175th year as the world’s dominant leading supplier of flexible rotary shafts for the commercial and military aerospace industry and is currently supplying flexible shafts that transmit power to activate and synchronize the actuation of the Thrust Reverser Actuation Systems (TRAS) on all of the CFM International commercial LEAP-Series turbofan engines and, also on the IAE V2500 turbofan engine powering the KC-390 multi-mission military aircraft.

S. S. White has also engineered flexible rotary shaft applications for the Arial Refueling Operator Station (AROS) on the KC 46A tanker aircraft, the F-35 (STOVL/CTOL) jet fighter weapons bay door manual actuation (WBDMA), the A400M military transport crane manual override, the Airbus C-295 twin-turboprop military transport hydraulic reservoir pressure gauge, the magazine drive on the AC130 multi-mission gun ship military transport and the V-22 Osprey aircraft’s rescue hoist.

In addition, S. S. White Is also the leading supplier of flexible rotary shafts that activate the Thrust Reverser Actuation Systems on the Pratt & Whitney GTF turbofan engines that power the Airbus A220, upgraded A320neo, Embraer E190-E2 and Mitsubishi MRJ regional jets and also supplied flexible rotary shafts for the F-16 multi-mission jet fighter afterburner control nozzle vane actuation system.

In addition, the company is also the leading supplier of flexible rotary shafts that activate the thrust reverser actuation systems (TRAS) on the Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 turbofan engines on the Boeing 787 and XWB engines used on the Airbus A350. And, is supplying the flexible rotary shaft specifically designed to transmit rotary torque for the manual override on the Honeywell Aerospace Starter Air Valve for the new GE9X turbofan engine which is scheduled for final certification tests this year. The Guinness recognized world’s largest and most powerful turbofan engine is designed to power the Boeing 777X aircraft.

And, all aerospace flexible shaft products are designed to one of the industry’s highest performance criteria by utilizing a unique computer modeling software program developed by S.S. White called PERFLEXION. This program allows the design engineers to fully model the behavioral characteristics of the wire bundles within the shaft core and arrive at an optimum product that provides maximum bending flexibility and torsion strength while allowing minimal torsion deflection with up to a 30 percent improvement over competitor products.