SSVC launches subsea MiPlayer at Pacific 2019


SSVC Media Innovation demonstrated its new subsea version of MiPlayer at Pacific 2019. Already in use with the UK Royal Navy, Royal Fleet Auxiliary and UK Border Force, the MiPlayer platform offers access via WiFi to media streaming of recreational and training content in remote locations where internet connectivity is poor or absent.

The subsea platform has been specially adapted to provide an on-demand service updated via USB or external connectivity, meaning that for the first time, users are able to access downloaded recreational media and training materials while submerged.

MiPlayer is currently in use on over half of the UK Royal Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary surface vessels, with roll out ongoing, as well as in operational and permanent military locations in countries such as Estonia, Poland, Bahrain, the Falkland Islands, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and South Sudan. It will feature on the Royal Navy’s new Type 26 Global Combat Ship, a modified version of which has also been bought by the Australian Government for the Royal Australian Navy.

MiPlayer’s benefit to the welfare of serving personnel is clear from user feedback praising its ease of use and reliability, along with the morale boost given by unlimited access to streamed television content. Its Virtual Learning Environment also provides access to key training courses for military users during deployments.

Nick Beer, Director of Development and Strategy at SSVC, said:

Navy users of MiPlayer have been really positive about our technology, so we are delighted that we have been able to adapt the platform specifically for the subsea market. We were thrilled to bring MiPlayer to Pacific 2019 and demonstrate its potential capabilities in the region, especially in the context of recent Australian Navy vessel orders, and we are looking forward to seeing the training and welfare benefits that this unique technology can bring through the delivery of media to submarines.”